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Updated October 13, 2020

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Aurora Fountain Pen Ink - The Aurora pen company was formed in 1919 in Turin, Italy. Their line of fountain pen inks consists of just three colors, but they are three of the most vibrant and beautiful colors we have found thus far! The black is one of the darkest, a true black and the blue is a rich, deep royal blue. The newest color, blue-black is a beautiful dark blue.  The blue-black is not a true iron gall ink writing blue and turning black, but a consistent deep blue. 45ml bottle - $18 each

PLEASE NOTE: Colors on computer monitors vary greatly! Please bear this in mind as you view the color samples below.

AUR-125BE Blue $18

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

AUR-125BK Black $18

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

AUR-125BLBK  Blue-Black  $18

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

Pack of 5 Cartridges - $6.50

AUR-129BE Blue $6.50

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

pack of 5 cartridges Aurora Blue

AUR-129BK Black $6.50

pack of 5 cartridges Aurora Black

AUR-129BLBK  Blue-Black  $6.50

Aurora Ink Color Comparison

Aurora Fountain Pen Converter

PKR-S0050300 $12

Parker Twist Converter

PLEASE NOTE: Aurora cartridges and converters are compatible with most Parker fountain pens.

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