Sheaffer Inks, Bottles and Cartridges

Sheaffer, known for the highest quality and performance standards in fine writing instruments for nearly a century, has made some changes to the ink and accessory offerings.

We appreciate the inquiries and comments from our loyal Sheaffer customers regarding recent changes in our accessory line – particularly fountain pen inks, bottles and cartridges.  In response, please find attached common questions and answers.

Are the new Sheaffer Skrip® Inks the same Quality as the Old Sheaffer Inks?

Our new inks were put through rigorous quality and performance tests to ensure we deliver the great writing quality Sheaffer is known for, but now with improved performance. Our new inks deliver significantly improved writing on several important measures, including less strike-through (bleed) on standard writing paper and less “feathering” around alpha and numeric characters.  The new ink formulation, coupled with our design expertise in pens, delivers a better performing writing system for fountain pen users.

In addition, the new Sheaffer Skrip® inks have been certified by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) Certification Program, recognized worldwide by major writing instrument companies.

Do the new Sheaffer Skrip® Inks still have preservatives to prevent mold and bacterial growth?

Yes, our new inks still have the special preservatives that do protect our inks from mold and bacteria growth.

Are the ink colors the same?

While the ink formulation has changed to bring improved performance, we have worked very hard to deliver a color match on the inks.  We have made some colors brighter and have eliminated some less popular ones.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and our partner, to meet the highest standards of quality. We are currently working with our supplier to re-evaluate the visual appearance of our Jet Black ink color.

A detailed list of our color offerings is attached in the Fact Sheet.

Why did the bottle design change?

We have redesigned the Sheaffer Skrip® ink bottle to deliver some functional improvements and modernize the look. The ink well feature on our old bottles required them to be capped very tightly to prevent leakage. As a result, many of our consumers told us they could not open the bottles! In addition, the inkwell feature did not accommodate the varied designs of today’s fountain pens. 

The new ink bottle cap is easy to remove, but still maintains a secure seal to prevent leakage.  To ensure this critical feature, the new caps were subjected to rigorous reliability testing, including turning the bottles upside down and shaking them on a special transportation and vibration machine.  We have also implemented new labeling on the bottles so that the ink color can be more easily identified.

Will there be boxes for the Individual Ink Bottles?

The new bottled inks are available in 6-pack trays.  Based on customer feedback and the important need to maximize shelf space, we are taking immediate steps to provide an outer box for individual bottles for easier stacking and shipment. This is a priority for our marketing and manufacturing teams and we are working today to make these boxes available as soon possible this summer.

Why did the Cartridges change?

Our ink cartridges were redesigned to better identify the color of the inks inside.  Our old cartridges had the ink color name printed on them, which wasn’t always legible. Now our cartridges are the same color as the ink, making it easier to identify the color of ink in the cartridge.  We are currently working to make the new cartridges more transparent so it is easier to identify ink level. For Blue-Black, Blue and Jet-Black we have launched a clear cartridge, but have added a corresponding color “end-cap” so again, the color of ink inside the cartridge is easier to identify. 

Also, the new Sheaffer Skrip® Ink cartridges are now more transportable with less chance of leakage. The cartridges can only be pierced on one end so consumers can easily store an un-pierced cartridge in the fountain pen chamber (by putting it in the pen upside down).  This “portability” feature is especially great for air travel as the un-pierced cartridge reduces the potential of leakage due to changes in pressure – a common concern among fountain pen aficionados.

At Sheaffer, we continue to bring you products with a heritage of quality and exceptional value and will keep you updated via our website and other communications. We always welcome your feedback and comments.