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Updated July 25, 2017

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August 1, 2015

We have been informed by Noodler's Ink that the dyes used to make two of our exclusive inks, Eternal Brown and Violet Vote are no longer being made.  Noodler's has had no success in finding alternate dyes for these two inks. They have told us that they will continue to keep an eye open for these special dyes, however it appears that odds are slim that they will be able to be reproduced.  We are sad to remove Eternal Brown and Violet Vote from our ink offerings.

NI-LLP $20

Noodler's Permanent Ink, Legal Lapis Blue, 3 oz.

Legal Lapis - A Pendemonium Exclusive! Of all the inks we sell, Legal Lapis is our NUMBER ONE best selling ink! Legal Lapis approaches traditional blue black colors, with far more blue and a striking vintage look to it, but the best thing about Legal Lapis is that it is permanent on paper, the solution for all your legal documents and for any applications where the ink must remain permanent on paper. Legal Lapis contains a special blue dye that remains water soluble UNTIL it dries on paper, then it becomes waterproof and permanent.

Legal Lapis comes in a 3 ounce bottle with another of Noodler's great graphic labels.


Legal Lapis Chart
Information on this chart compiled by Greg Clark and published in Stylus Magazine February - March 2008 issue.

Bullet-proof! What Does it Mean?

An ink designated by Noodler's as "bulletproof" means it stands up against bleach, UV Light, industrial chemicals, etc., making it impossible to forge a check! The cellulose reactive dyes are completely water soluble in your pens and in the bottle, but once the ink dries on the paper, it is totally waterproof and permanent!

Note: If you mix the bulletproof inks with regular ink, they may lose their bulletproof properties, and revert to regular ink. As with any ink, we advise you to mix small test quantities of inks together first to be sure they will not harm your pens.

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