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Updated January 21, 2021

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Standard International Converter

MV31075 $7

Monteverde Standard international converter, piston style

Mini Converters

Many of us have fountain pens with shorter barrels that will only accept the standard short international cartridges. Monteverde came to the rescue with their Mini Converter designed to fit shorter barreled pens that only accept the short cartridges. The Mini Converter will fit most pens that accept standard short international cartridges. The mini converter is plunger actuated, pull out the black knob at end to fill with ink.

Plunger extended: 57.8mm (2.25 inches)
(pen barrel needs to be long enough to accommodate the converter with plunger fully extended)

Plunger closed: 38.5mm (1.5 inches)
Diameter: 6.9mm (.25 inches)

MV31072 $3.00

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.






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