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Updated January 10, 2017

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Mini Ballpoint Refills

The Minis fit most multi function writing instruments along with many shorter style ballpoint pens. Mini ballpoint refills measure 67mm long (2.64 inches) and are 2.3mm diameter (0.09 inches).

SCH-628-BLK $1.50

Refill, Mini BP, black, fine

SCH-628-BLU $1.50

Refill, Mini BP, blue, fine

SCH-628-GRN $1.50

Refill, Mini BP, green, fine

SCH-628-RED $1.50

Refill, Mini BP, red, fine
Sorry, temporarily out of stock

Y88922 $3

Refill, Mini BP, orange hilighter

Ceramic Roller Ball Refill

Fits most roller balls using standard style RB refills including Acme, Aurora, Bexley, Bossert & Erhard, Caran d'Ache, Colibri, Conklin, Conway Stewart, Delta, Monteverde, Pelikan, Retro 51, Rotring, Stipula, Yard-o-Led and others. Measures 110mm long (4.3 inches), 6mm dia (0.24 inches)

SCH-888-BLK $2

RB refill, black, fine point, ceramic ball

SCH-888-BLU $2

RB refill, blue, fine point, ceramic ball

(Sorry, Temporarily Out of Stock)

Capless Roller Ball Refill - Short Style

Fits most roller balls using short style capless refills including Bexley, Cartier, Delta, Marlen, Monteverde, OMAS, Pelikan, Retro 51, Visconti and others. Measures 97mm (3.8 inches), 6mm dia (0.26 inches)

Cross Ballpoint Pen Refills

Ballpoint refill for standard Cross ball-point pens. Suitable for general-purpose writing, highly reliable and convenient for use on all paper.

CRO-8101 $5

Cross BP refill, Black, Broad

CRO-8513 $5

Cross BP refill, Black, Medium

CRO-8514 $5

Cross BP refill, Black, Fine

CRO-8511 $5

Cross BP refill, Blue, Medium

CRO-8512 $5

Cross BP refill, Blue, Fine

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