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Updated March 22, 2021

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Blue Black-Pelikan 4001 Pelikan TRUE Blue Black Ink - Limited Supplies Available

We have another small batch of Pelikan Blue-Black ink! Yay! This is a great traditional ink color. Supplies are are limited. Get it while you can because we never know when we'll be able to get more!  The last few times we were able to acquire this great ink, it sold out very quickly - just saying!
As many of you know, several years ago authorities in the US determined that iron gall, used in inks for centuries could be hazardous to our health and that was the end of true blue-black inks that wrote blue, then oxidized to darker and darker blue eventually turning black. This was a sad day for ink lovers! Especially since there was no advance notice, it just happened and all of a sudden true blue-black ink was no longer available, just a few substitute blue-black inks that wrote a nice dark blue line, but are not true blue-black ink.

PEL-329158 Blue-Black Pelikan 4001 Ink, 62.5 ml/2 ounce bottle $15.00

April 16, 2020 - We are currently out of stock of Pelikan Blue Black Ink. We hope to have more available in late August 2020.

Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink

Pelikan's first writing inks were called 4001. The reason for this name was a designation found in the Receptu Buch which was used to record formulas for different product lines. Writing ink formulas were in Book Four and the first formula was recorded as 001. Hence the designation "4001".

  • Fine Inks since 1863
  • Water Soluble & Free Flowing
  • Seven Vibrant Colors in 2 oz. (62.5 ml) bottles
  • Seven Vibrant Colors in cartridges

4001 Fountain Pen Ink - 2 oz. (62.5 ml) bottle - $14.20 each

PLEASE NOTE: Colors on computer monitors vary greatly! Please bear this in mind as you view the color samples below.

PEL-329144 $14.20

Brilliant Black Pelikan Black

PEL-329136 $14.20

Royal Blue Pelikan Royal Blue

PEL-329185 $14.20

Brilliant Brown Pelikan Brown

PEL-329193 $14.20

Violet Pelikan Violet

PEL-329201 $14.20


Pelikan Liter - Many people request large quantities of ink. We are pleased to offer Pelikan Brilliant Black and Royal Blue inks, all around favorites, in one litre bottles.

PEL-301168 $95.00

(Available by Special Order Only)

Brilliant Black

PEL-301135 $95.00

(Available by Special Order Only)

Royal Blue

4001 Fountain Pen Ink - TP6
Standard International (short) Cartridges
6 cartridges per package - $3.50 package
Pelikan are Standard International Cartridges

PEL-301218 $3.60

Brilliant Black Pelikan Black

PEL-301176 $3.60

Royal Blue Pelikan Royal Blue

PEL-301192 $3.60

Brilliant Red Pelikan Red

PEL-301697 $3.60

Violet Pelikan Violet

Pelikan C499 Converter - For Pelikan cartridge filling pens: Pelikano, Pelikano Junior and Script.

PEL-999128 $9.00

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

NOTE: Pelikan ballpoint pens use Parker style refills. Please click here to view our selection of Parker ballpoint and gel refills.

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