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Updated August 1, 2021

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The Twenties


EVE60 $6

Eversharp advert, 1926, black and white, page measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches and the ad measures 3.5 x 9.5 inches. Nice illustration of a classic Eversharp Mechanical Pencils with planes in the background. Headline is: "Put it on paper". Reverse side is a full page ad to take a vacation in the wonderland of Southern California!

EVE61 $6

Dec 1926, B&W, 3.25 x 11, “Gifts Santa would Choose”, marble desk set and gold fill boxed pen set shown

EVE170 $11

1925,7x10, B&W, “Gifts that Anyone Would Like to Receive”, illustration of Wahl Pen and Eversharp Pencil in gift box.

EVE173 $11

September 1925, National Geographic, 7x10, B&W, “The big pencil with the easy grip and the big smooth writing lead, Eversharp 75 perfected”, illustration of Eversharp 75, standard model and desk model.

EVE174 $11

May 1928, National Geographic, 3x10, B&W, “Pick your Wahl by its point, Money can not buy a better writing pen”, illustration on Eversharp pencils to match Wahl Pens.

EVE175 $11

April 1928, National Geographic, 3x10, B&W, “Money Can Not Buy a Better Writing Pen, because you can pick the stroke”, illustration on Eversharp pencils to match Wahl Pens.

EVE178 $11

1925, 7x10, B&W, “In this month of gift choosing and giving, See Eversharp and Wahl Pen”, Eversharp/Wahl gift set, Eversharp pencil, and Wahl pen shown.

EVE219 $20

December 4, 1926, Saturday Evening Post, 11x14, Full Color, “The Gifts that Santa Claus Himself would choose, Eversharp, Wahl Pen”, Wahl Fountain Pen Desk Set, Wahl-Eversharp Pen and Pencil Set shown.

WAH-02  $10

Wahl Eversharp Advertisement, April 7, 1928, Black & Red, 13x5inches, red and black hard rubber fountain pen and pencil and hand engraved silver metal fountain pen and pencil illustrated, “Money can not buy a better writing pen” 

WAH-06 $10

Wahl Eversharp Advertisement, May 1928, Black and White,, 5x11 ½ inches on full size 8.5 x 11.5 inch page, American Magazine, Four hard rubber Wahls with roller clips shown. 

The Thirties


EVE76 $8

March 21, 1936, B&W, 11x14, Doric on white fur "Trust it anywhere"

EVE131 $10

1937, B&W,11x14,Coronet, repeating pencil, 6 scenes of how it works

EVE138 $10

Sept 9, 1939, Saturday Evening Post, 11x14, B&W, Coronet pencils and Doric pens & pencils illustrated, “Swell gifts for school-bound lads and lasses are gifts that help them in their classes!”, boy & girl holding hands at top left

EVE165 $12

November 13, 1934, The Saturday Evening Post, 11x14,B&W, “You’ve got to learn to write my way!, Don’t let a pen tell You how to write!, Fountain pen dressed as teacher scolding a student.

EVE176 $10

December 1931, National Geographic, 7x10, B&W, “To Those who Receive the new Doric Eversharp”, illustration of Doric Fountain Pen and matching pencil.

WAH-05 $7

Wahl Eversharp advertisement, December 17, 1938 from Colliers Magazine. Black and White, 10.5 x 13.5 inches. Great photos of the Coronet mechanical pencils, Doric boxed set and beautiful desk lamp with double writing instruments and more.

EVE-71 $8

Eversharp Advertisement, December 14, 1935, Black and White, 11x14 inches, Doric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, Adjustable Nib, 3 different desk sets sets shown, “This Year Give the Pen That Can’t Leak”

EVE-72 $8

Eversharp Advertisement, September 19, 1936, Black and white, 11x14 inches, Doric Fountain Pen with Adjustable Nib on lace fan, “No more ink-stained fingers!”

EVE-74 $8

Eversharp Advertisement, May 29, 1937, Black and White, 11x14 inches, Doric Fountain Pen with Adjustable Nib and Mechanical Pencil on white ribbons with flowers,”It Stays as clean as the pencil that matches it”

EVE-91  $8

Eversharp Advertisement, 1931, National Geographic, Black and White, 7x10 inches, Doric Ring Top Fountain Pen & Pencil “The New Doric Eversharp, World’s Most Beautiful Pen and Pencil. ”

EVE-118  $12

Eversharp Advertisement,. 1931, Black and White, 7x10 inches, National Geographic, Doric fountain pen and mechanical pencil set in oval, “The New Eversharp Doric”  

The Forties


EVE15 $5

1949, Full Color, 11x14, Burgundy & Gold pen set "Pre-War price!"

EVE29 $5

1948, Full Color, 11x14, 10 pens, "Christmas for everyone"

EVE31 $5

1945, Full Color, 11x14inches, Eversharp $64 Question, Presentation boxed set which looks like a Skyline to me but is not noted as such, Woman and Man under Xmas Tree

EVE-67 $5

Eversharp advertisement, 1944, Full Color, 10.25 x 13.5 inches. Features the Evtersharp $64 set with solid 14KT gold caps and barrel end. Elegant woman with her fan at the what I assume to perhaps be the theatre. For Distinguished Service - Give Eversharp and you give the finest!

EVE81 $5

1944, Full Color, 11x14 inches, Skyliner, $64?, "The Inspiration...An Eversharp", Student Daydreaming

EVE83 $5

1947, Full Color, 11x14 inches, Eversharp $64 Question, Skyliner set, Man, Nurse and twin babies , "The Perfect Answers to the $64 Question"

EVE94 $5

1946 Full Color, 11x14, Burgundy Presentation set, boy asking girl to prom, "$64 Question Coming Up!"

EVE96 $10

1946 11x28, CA Retractable in gold, woman & 2 men at the office

EVE97 $10

March 1947, 11x28, Repeater pen, black & gold, woman & 2 men at the office

EVE98 $5

1947, 11x14, CA Burgundy ballpen, young boy doing homework

EVE107 $10

1947, Full Color, 11x28, 64? presentation set in burgundy and gold shown

EVE143 $10

1945, 22x14-double page ad, full color, "Winning Answer to This Year's $64 Question! Eversharp Presentation Set", man handing woman a Presentation Set for Christmas.

EVE144 $15

June 22, 1946, Collier's, 22x14-double page ad, full color, "Give Eversharp...and you give the finest", left side of ad-father and nurse holding two babies, right side of ad-Eversharp Skyliner Set.

EVE147 $10

1947, 11x14, full color, "This Christmas It's Eversharp for Everyone! For Young and Old Alike There is No Gift So Welcome!", illustration of mother and daughter, daughter using an Eversharp Skyliner Pen.

EVE148 $10

1948, 11x14, full color, "Hear that Click? A New Point Instantly!", woman holding an Eversharp Repeater Pencil to her ear.

EVE150 $15

April 26, 1947, The Saturday Evening Post, 22x14-double page ad, full color, "Give Eversharp...and you give the finest!" left side of ad-new mother writing in her baby book with an Eversharp CA pen, right side of ad- Eversharp Presentation Pen and Eversharp CA Pen.

EVE151 $15

April 26, 1947, The Saturday Evening Post, 22x14-double page ad, full color, "Give Eversharp...and you give the finest!" left side of ad-new mother writing in her baby book with an Eversharp CA pen, right side of ad- Eversharp Presentation Pen and Eversharp CA Pen.

EVE152 $15

June 21, 1947, The Saturday Evening Post, 22x14-double page ad, full color, "Eversharp answers your $64 Question. Give Eversharp...and you give the Finest!", left side of ad-boy doing homework with Eversharp CA pen, right side of ad-Eversharp CA Pen and Eversharp Presentation Pen.

EVE153 $5

1945, 11x14, full color, "An Eversharp Always Answers the $64 Question", man's hand giving an Eversharp Skyliner Pen to lady's hand.

EVE156 $15

April 27, 1946, Collier’s, 14x22, Full Color, “Give Eversharp, two high school students, boy inviting girl to the senior prom, $64 Question Coming Up!, Eversharp Skyliner Set.”

EVE157 $10

1946, 11x14, Full Color, “Outstanding Answer to your $64 Question, Eversharp Sixty-Four Pen and Pencil Set with Caps of 14 Karat Gold”, illustration on Sixty-Four pen and pencil set.

EVE199 $9

1948, 11x14, Full Color, “Imagine a Pen not much longer than your cigarette!...yet it opens up to a full size pen!”, man facing sideways holding cigarette next to Kimberly Pockette by Eversharp.

EVE225 $15

June 22, 1946, Saturday Evening Post, 14x22-double page ad, Full Color, left side-two women in beauty contest, judge in front “Giver Eversharp...and you give the Finest”, right side “What’s your answer to the $64 Question? Give an Eversharp of course!”, Eversharp Presentation Set.

EVE229 $10

Eversharp $64 Question, 1946, Umpire and 2 baseball players, Presentation Set (Skyline) in burgundy and gold. Double Page Center Spread measures 20 x 14 inches.

EVE241 $10

Eversharp Advertisement, 1946, 10x13 inches, full color. “That’s your answer to the $64 Question? Give an Ever sharp - Of Course!” Eversharp Skyline Presentation set in burgundy, beauty queen contestants and judge.

EVE243 $10

Eversharp Advertisement, 1944, 10x14 inches, full color. “Here’s The Winning Answer To Your $64 Question New Eversharp Sixty-Four pen and pencil set. Eversharp Fifth Avenue Fountain Pen with 14KT gold cap.

EVE-233  $10

Eversharp Advertisement, $64 Question, 1944, Attractive woman dressed in a sharp plaid suit complete with a little green beret and bow - Featured in the advertisement is the Eversharp Skyline Presentation Set with solid 14KT gold caps. The high points of the advertising are mentions of the military clips, streamlined barrels and the smoothness of the point. The Magic Feed is mentioned as well as the Magic Button on the mechanical repeater pencil. Tune in to Eversharp sponsored TV shows - Sunday nights with Phil Baker and Tuesday nights with Milton Berle! Advert measures 11x14 inches. Excellent condition. 

EVE-234  $10

Eversharp Advertisement, $64 Question, 1943, Woman in Plaid Suit, Fifth Avenue and Features. Double Page Center Spread measures 20 x 14 inches. 

EVE-245  $10

Eversharp Advertisement, 1945, 10 x 14 inches, full color. Command Performance Fourteen Karat Gold Throughout A New Eversharp Creation. 

The Fifties


EVE-04 $5

Eversharp advertisement, 1953, Full Color, 10.5 x 13.5 inches, Give the pen that Burps before it drinks but never afterwards. What appears to be the entire line up of Slim Ventura fountain pens including some not often seen like the Sterling Silver model.

EVE11 $5

1950, Full Color, 11x14, Burgundy & Silver set, Ilka chase

EVE12 $5

1952, Full Color, 11x14, Green pen set, "For Christmas"

EVE77 $5

Sept 4, 1953, Full Color, 11x14, Retractable, Reporter, Pockette shown, "Years ahead of the field"

EVE80 $9

Dec 5, 1953, Full Color, 11x28 (double page-cut in two), 6 Ventura sets, leater repeater pencil, criptal desk set, "Thens pens burp"

EVE101 $5

Dec 1, 1951, Full Color, 11x14, S.E.P. pretty lady with Christmas tree, black & silver set, "better writing"

EVE102 $5

Sept 1, 1951, Full Color, 11x14, Collier's, Black & Silver set, 4 features shown "write better"

EVE104 $5

May 15,1954, Full Color, 11x14, S.E.P.,Ventura, Slim Ventura, Alligator repeator, "Burps before it drinks"

EVE106 $5

1951, Full Color, 11x14, Black & Chrome pen, "Hand wrought points"

EVE108 $5

1953, Full Color, 11x14, Brown & gold Ventura shown, 2 babies, "This pen burps before it drinks..."

EVE111 $5

May 27, 1950, Full Color, 11x14, Blue set shown, "For graduation-Father's Day Gift Supreme"

EVE125 $5

1954, Full Color, 5x12, Ventura gift set, slim set & alligator pencil, “Burps before it drinks”

EVE132 $9

Sept. 5, 1953, Full Color, 5x14, S.E.P. Ventura pen in burgundy and gold, “This Pen Burps”

EVE163 $9

September 22, 1951, The Saturday Evening Post, 11x14, Full Color, “You write better with this new Eversharp because... it’s the world’s only pen with all these advanced writing features!”, cross section of pen, describes the Magic Feed, 14kt Gold Point, Positive Flip-Fill and Special Breather Tube.

EVE189 $9

December 2, 1950, The Saturday Evening Post, 11x14, Full Color, “New! Original Gift! Only $12.75! America’s Only Combinations Desk and Pocket Set!”, Desk-PAC shown, illustrations of pocket set, desk set, and gift pack.

EVE222 $7

February 10, 1951, Saturday Evening Post, 5x14, Gold and Black, “Writes with speed and ease unmatched by any other ball-point pen Amazing, Exclusive...Floating Point Yours only with Eversharp Reporter Ball-Point Pen”, large Eversharp Reporter with Floating point shown.

EVE-07  $9

Eversharp Advertisement, 1953, Full Color, 11 x 14 inches, Give the Pen that Burps, Two cute Christmas Babies, Eversharp Ventura Fountain Pen. 




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