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Updated September 11, 2021

Vintage Blotters

Written references to blotting paper in America have been found dating to as early as 1791. It was not until the 1850s that blotting paper came into common use in America, when Joseph Parker and Son started manufacturing blotting by means of the Foundrinier Paper Machine. In 1872, a patent was issued for improved blotting paper which featured a smooth surface on one side. Rocker blotters were an important piece of desk equipment from the late 1880s until the 1950s.

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Many times the figural glass rocker blotters from the 1930s Depression era are missing the clips that hold on the blotting paper. This includes the Scotty Dog, Elephant, Sailboat and Pony. We now have available reproduction clips for this series that look almost exactly like the original clips used.

CLIPS Set of 2 Rocker Blotter Clips $5


Don't Forget the Blotting Paper!

Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. This is not the flimsy cardboard-like paper some people are passing off as blotting paper these days!

BLOT Blotting Paper, pack of 4 sheets $2

BLOT25 Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets $7.00

Advertising Blotters

Advertising blotters, up until the 1950s and the introduction of practical ballpoints were as common as business cards are today. Nearly every company in business in the 1920s through the 1950s handed out blotters with their advertising on the front. We are pleased to offer select advertising blotters from days gone by!

B1634 Parker advertising blotter $5

ca. 1990s, white with black imprint. Measures 2.75 x 4 5/8 inches. Never used, perfect condition.


B1678  $10

Advertising Blotter, ca. 1950, New Blue Sunoco why We Suggest You Make the 10 Gallon Test, Royal blue and bright yellow on white background.  Pink blotter on back side.  Blotter has never been used and is in mint condition.  

B1694  $10

Blotter, ca. mid-1940s, illustrated by Lawson Wood, Bums Away, Chimpanzees in a rocket ship. Measures 2 7/8 x 4 inches.  Full color. Excellent condition. 

B1707  $10

Blotter, ca. 1940s, Outdoor Trails, School’s Out.  Measures 3.5 x 4 inches.  Full color litho printed by Brown and Bigelow.  Light wear at edges, otherwise very good condition.  

B1708  $10

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Advertising Blotter, ca. 1940s, Stop! Look! Listen!  Snap Crackle Pop.  Measures 5.25 x 3.5 inches.  Full color litho Printed in USA.  Great illustrations showing the still familiar Snap, Crackle and Pop boys.  Check out the simple graphics on the box above the bananas.   Never used and in very good condition.

B1710 $10

Advertising Blotter, Never printed with an advertisement!  Goes Lithographers logo in bottom left corner, Goes was well known for their excellent lithography.  This blotter features an old car with headlights pointed at a roadside sign in the country.  The sign is black, it would, of course, be awaiting an advertisement.  Blue blotter backing has never been used.  Measures 6 x 3.25 inches.  Mint Condition. 

B1711  $10

Advertising Blotter, Never printed with an advertisement!  Goes Lithographers logo in bottom left corner, Goes was well known for their excellent lithography.  This blotter features an old panel truck in a residential neighborhood.  No printing or advertisement on the side of the truck, it is awaiting an advertisement.   Blue blotter backing has never been used.  Measures 6 x 3.25 inches.  Mint Condition. 

B1712 $10

Advertising Blotter, LW. Holley & Sons Company printed in green and red on a mottled grey blotter, Holley was a large commercial office supply and stationery company in Des Moines, Iowa. They private labeled many items made by major manufacturers with their own company information or the information of smaller stationers throughout Iowa. This blotter has a private label for B.J. Madigan in Carroll, Iowa. We have here on our website, many dip pen nibs private labeled L.W. Holley on the nib and box that were originally made by Esterbrook. This blotter measures 4 x 9.25 inches. The blotter has never been used, one corner crimped but overall very good condition.

B1727  $25

Esterbrook Advertising Blotter for No. 788 Oval Pens, ca. 1920s, Uncoated blotting in off white with bright red and black print.  Perfect illustration of an Esterbrook 788 Pens Box.  Advertising imprint for Phil McKee Stationery and Musical Merchandise in Snohomish, Wash.  Measures 3 3/8 x 6 inches.  No ink blots on back side of blotter.  Mint condition. 

B1728  $20 

Esterbrook Advertising Blotter for No. 788 Oval Point Pens, ca. 1920s, Uncoated blotting in white with black and grey print.  Fine illustration of an Esterbrook 788 Oval Point Pen.  Advertising imprint for Thoms Book Store Appleton, Wis.  Measures 3.25 x 6 inches  Far right edge and lower right corner slightly darker than the rest of blotter, no ink blots on the back side.  Near mint condition. 

B1729  $20

Esterbrook Advertising Blotter for No. 788 Oval Point Pens, ca. 1920s, uncoated yellow blotting with red and black print.  Detailed illustration of a bright red and black box of Esterbrook Pens and the 788 Oval point pen.  Measures 3.25 x 6 inches. Advertising imprint for Keystone Stationery Co in Camden NJ.  On the back side there is some minor aging and two signatures that were blotted back in the day. 

B1731  $10

Davies Advertising Blotter, Coated white blotting with dark blue printed advertings.  “Stimulate your Fountain Pen Business by giving your customers Service on Fountain Pens.  We operate a completely equipped fountain pen shop, making repairs promptly and correctly …… etc etc.  Fasted Service  Finest work   Davies 380 Fourteenth St Oakland, Calif.  Small ink mark front lower left, pink blotting on back has been used.   Overall very good condition. 

B1732  $10

John Holland Safety Self-Inking Fountain Pen with illustration of Dutch writers dipping a fountain pen into a large inkwell.  Black print on white blotting paper.  Measures 6.25 x 3.25 inches.  Reproduction blotter, we seem to recall this was from the early 1990s.  Never used and in Excellent condition. 


B1736 $25

Sills Eddy Mica Co Blotter Pad by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark NJ. Two sheets of blotting paper with a printed celluloid cover, all held in place with a fancy paper fastener. Printed on the celluloid cover is an envelope addressed to Sills Eddy Mica Co with a red stamp with cherub and Good Luck, to the right of the envelope is a bronze illustration of a dip pen nib. Lettering along bottom edge is: Mica Micabeston. Measures 7.75 x 3 inches. The pink blotter on bottom has been used, reverse side is clean as is the blue blotter above. Light age spots on the celluloid. Whitehead & Hoag manufactured thousands of different high end advertising novelties from 1892 until 1959 when the factory closed. 


B1737 $8

Advertising Blotter, American Writing Paper Corporation, Holyoke, Massachusetts, nice illustration of a box of Eagle-A Papers, Eagle-A Typewriter and Boxed Papers, bright green and black print on white blotter. Measures 3.5 x 6 1/8 inches. Never used, no ink blots on the reverse side. Excellent condition.

B1741 $20

Conklin Pen Advertising Blotter, ca. Early 1900s, Peach colored blotting paper with black imprint, Conklin logo “ Conklin Pen – Better Built for Better Writing – Pencil. Retailer imprint for: M. Skomal, Brown Park Phcy, Omaha, Nebr. Small ink blot upper left corner and lower center on front, Several small ink blots on back side, also a handwritten note, “I am going to go down to Alermas. Obviously was used as just a piece of paper at one point in time! Measures 3 1/8 x 6 inches. Looks like it was used to blot a pen point as opposed to a signature, the few ink blots are small.

B1742 $25

John Holland Jewel Pens Advertising Blotter, ca. 1920S, light grey speckled blotting paper with black and bright red imprint. 60 years of pencraft created today’s Master Pen, John Holland Guaranteed Jewel Fountain Pen, Gold pens since 1841 – Fountain Pens since 1865. Illustration of pen on left. Measures 6 x 3.25 inches. Never used, the back side is free of ink blots! Hint of lower left corner wrinkle on front, but not folded thru to the backside. No business imprint.

B1743 $25

Carter’s Ink Advertising Blotter, ca. 1940S, Laminated front side in blue and white on white blotting paper. Features photos of three different Carter's Cubes with CUBES 10 Cents in white behind the photograph. Business imprint for: Case’s Drug Store Logan, Ohio in black ink. Measures 6 x 3.5 inches. Backside of blotter has never been used. The edges are clean. This blotter is in mint condition.

B1745 $25

B. Heller & CO’s Zanzibar Carbon Indelible Ink advertising blotter, full color, measures 3.25 x 6 inches. This is an awesome full color blotter from what I believe would be the 1930s and it is in mint condition. Never use, no ink blots. The blotter measures 3.25 x 6 inches. 

B1747 $20

Triple Blotter with Ribbon, Women’s Banking Department The First National Bank of Chicago. ca. 1920s. Top blotter is white a small embossed square printed in pink and black – the illustration, we assume is of the Women’s Banking Department. Center layer is bright blue blotting paper and the bottom layer is light blue blotter paper. All is tied together with a small blue ribbon. This blotter is in mint condition, it has never been used. Edges are crisp. Very unusual!  

B1754 $5

Montag’s Fashionable Writing Papers white blotter with black print. Musical note for “Should auld ac-quaintance be for-got across top edge of blotter. Measures 3x5 inches. Mint condition, no ink blots on the back. From back in the days when you bought a new box of writing stationery, a blotter would be included.

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