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CAR-11 $5

1945, black and white, 2.5 x 6.5 inches, Colliers Magazine.

You bet it sticks, cute Carter's cat with glass jar of Carter's Cico paste.

CAR-15 $8

Carter's Advert, 1918, black and white, 3 x 9.5 inches.

My Name is Will Stick I Work for Cico. Great headline! Cute sketches at top and bottom.

CAR-62 $5

Carter's Advertisement, 1963, Full Color, 11 x 14 inches, "If someone makes it - we can mark it!", Color wheel of different Carter's marker products.

CAR-85 $10

June 1919, Metropolitan, B&W, 10x14, “Writes a Strong, Rich Blue”, large bottle of Carter’s Writing Fluid illustrated on right side of page, descriptive info on right side, slightly yellowed.

CAR-97 $10

October 12, 1931,B&W,8.5x10, Time, “This Insurance doesn’t cost a cent, yet it may save you thousands of dollars”, explains the difference between Carter’s Ryto Ink and other Fountain Pen ink.

CAR-98 $12

1930’s, B&W, 11x14, “Not A Cent of Cost for this Valuable Insurance, Microphotagraphs show why Ryto offers you protection...”, photographs of ink penetrating paper.

CAR-99 $12

1931, B&W, 11x14, “More People are Careless than Dishonest...This insurance doesn’t cost a cent...yet may save you thousands of dollars!”, information about checks being signed with ink that will wash away vs. signing with Carter’s Ryto Ink.

CAR-105 $12

Carter’s Advertisement, 1934, 11 x 14 inches, B&W, “Ink as Styled by Carter”, Full range of Carter’s ink bottles shown in a nice arrangement. Excellent condition.

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