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Refills, Inks, and Converters

Updated November 29, 2016

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Parker Quink Inks - Current Production - Parker Quink Ink was first sold in 1931 and has withstood the test of time! Quink is very free flowing and safe for all of your vintage and modern fountain pens.

2oz bottle - $11

PLEASE NOTE: Colors on computer monitors vary greatly! Please bear this in mind as you view the color samples below.


Permanent Black


Washable Blue


Permanent Blue-Black


Pack of 5 Cartridges - $5


Permanent Black


Washable Blue


Please note that Parker Quink cartridges are not available in Blue-Black.

Parker Ballpoint Refills

Parker Ballpoint refills for all Parker ballpens and compatible pens using Parker style BP refills.
(Yes! You are in the right place - Sheaffer now makes the Parker BP refills.)

SHF-99336 Sheaffer T (Parker Style) Ballpoint Refill, Black Fine $6
SHF-99337 Sheaffer T (Parker Style) Ballpoint Refill, Black Medium $6

Sheaffer T (Parker Style) Ballpoint Refill, Blue Medium
(Sorry, temporarily out of stock)


Parker Roller Ball Refills

Parker roller ball refills for all Parker roller ball pens and compatible pens using Parker style RB refills.

PKR-3021531 RB refill, black, medium point, one per pack $5.50
PKR-3022531 RB refill, blue, medium point, one per pack $5.50


The Parker piston converter is twist activated and fits most Parker and Aurora fountain pens. Twisting the black knob at the end pulls ink into the converter. This is the traditional converter Parker packs with most new fountain pens.

PKR-S0050300 Parker Twist Converter $10

NOTE: Parker converters and cartridges are compatible with most modern Aurora pens.

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