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Updated July 10, 2018

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Some of the more unusual desk sets we come across weren't made by "The Big Four" (Parker, Sheaffer, Wahl-Everhsarp, Waterman) but by smaller, equally high quality writing instrument companies. Desk sets are always in demand, and we try to list them as soon as we find them, before we're tempted to keep them for ourselves!

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S757 desk set Bow Tie Dog Pen and Mail Holder $30

Cute little dog with big eyes and a bright red bow tie. Small ink pot in the top of this dog's head, brass spiral in the center for holding your mail. We've added a new old stock black matte desk style ballpoint pen with fresh Cross style BP refill. Dog measures 6 inches long, desk pen is 6.75 inches long. Marked Japan on base. Very good condition.

MI1740 Diamond Point Desk Set $50

Diamond Point Desk Set with New Diamond Desk Style Fountain Pen – Great looking desk base with green and copper colored onyx, the center section of the swivel pen holder is a complimentary colored green, dark red and ivory celluloid with single gold filled band and black tulip at the top.  Small nicks to two corners.  We have fit with a black desk style lever filling fountain pen.  The polished steel nib is marked:  New Diamond Deluxe USA.  Diamond Point and New Diamond are NOT the same company, however the pen is a good match to the desk base.  Lever fill – fills only from a bottle.  Nib is very responsive.  Base measures 3 x 4 inches, pen measures 7.25 inches.  Unusual base with the matching patterned celluloid pen holder. 

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