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Updated August 14, 2018

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Esterbrook fountain pens listed below have fine point nibs, additional styles of nibs are listed in the Renew Point table after the pen listings.

Esterbrook Cartridge Filling fountain pens - We include an empty cartridge with each of these pens. Please note that there is NOT a currently made cartridge that fits these pens. We sometimes have available empty Esterbrook cartridges that can be refilled with a syringe. We also sometimes have available retrofitted convertors for Esterbrook cartridge fillers. Please email for further info.

Esterbrook Ballpoint Pens - To date, we know of NO ballpoint refills being manufactured that will fit into Esterbrook ballpoint pens. Once in a blue moon, we turn up a batch of Esterbrook BP refills that still write, but it is a rarity! There is a rather time intensive and cumbersome way to bring Esterbrook BP refills back to life which involves removing the old "ballpoint tip", replacing with a new tip and removing any and all leftover ink in the old refill tube. If you'd like full details on how to do this, click here to view the instructions.

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J Series Fountain Pens and Pencils

Esterbrook manufactured the J series fountain pens from the late 1940's through the late 1950's. The J series was made in three sizes; J Full Size, LJ Long Slender and SJ Short Slender. Colors available were solid black, marbled red, marbled blue, marbled gray, marbled brown (copper color), marbled green and solid olive drab.


ES1029  $50

Esterbrook J Fountain Pen, ca. 1950s, light green marbled cap and barrel, bright chrome clip and trim, double black jewels. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Fit with an Esterbrook Renew Point No. 9556 firm fine point. Measures 4.75 inches long. Light staining on barrel threads otherwise Very good condition.


Non-J Series Fountain Pens and Pencils

Here you will find earlier Esterbrook writing instruments: Dollar Pens, Two Hole Clip pens as well as later Esterbrook items such as aerometric fillers, plunger fillers and cartridge fillers.

Desk Sets, Dip-Less Inkwells and Desk Pens

Esterbrook desk sets and inkwells are some of my favorites for everyday use. Desk sets are heavy and well balanced making it difficult to tip them over, who's going to complain about fewer ink spills? The Dip-Less inkwells hold LOTS of ink and your pen is always ready to write. Black was the most common color used for Esterbrook desk sets and inkwells. Other colors were produced as well, but are more difficult to find have become very desirable by Esterbrook collectors.

ES845 $70

Esterbrook Desk Set, black porcelain desk set with the raised grey pearl trim ring.  This style of trim ring did not survive the years well, many are found split, most are found with some sort of staining. 

This one is NOT split,  but does have some light crazing on the inner edge which is ink stained. 

Included is a lever fill Esterbrook black desk style fountain pen with clear taper fit with a No. 1550 Renew Point firm fine point. Aside from the light crazing to the trim ring, very good condition.  Early set, not as easy to find as they once were.  

ES1007  $85

Esterbrook Desk Set, black porcelain desk set with the raised grey pearl trim ring.  Grey pearl trim ring is in excellent condition, often they did not survive the years well at all.  Desk set base measures 3.25 inches diameter. Included is a lever fill Esterbrook black desk style fountain pen with black taper fit with a No. 1555 Gregg Shorthand  Renew Point. Uncommon Esterbrook desk set model.  Very good condition. 


ES1022 $60

Esterbrook Model 113 Round Porcelain Desk Set in black with chrome trim ring, black felt on bottom of base to prevent scratches.  Comes with a lever filling Esterbrook desk fountain pen in black with clear taper and chrome lever.  The pen has a name engraved on barrel:  Oda Brown. Fit with an Esterbrook Renew Point No. 2556 fine writing point.   Very good condition. 




Gasket Replacement Info for Esterbrook 407 Style Inkwells

If you have an inkwell that looks like the one above, you have an Esterbrook model 407. These have a red gasket set inside the bottom glass portion of the inkwell that sometimes goes missing over the years. The proper replacement gasket is as far away as your local hardware or plumbing supply store! Look for the "Flush Valve Seal" for a Mansfield #210. They're even red like the originals!

The last batch we bought came from our local Kempker's Hardware Store, a True Value outlet, and this is the info from the package:

  • Danco Flush Valve Seal for Mansfield #210
  • Two other numbers on the package: 340 and 88096
  • The UPC code is 3715588096

Specs of the Esterbrook Model 407 gasket:

  • Outside diameter is 79 mm
  • Inside diameter is 55mm
  • Thickness is 1.6mm
  • It's a flexible red rubber

Choose the Right Point for the Way You Write


Renew Points - Solid Durachrome

Esterbrook's 1000 and 2000 series nibs are "rolled" or "folded" at the tip to form the writing point. Our stock of Renew Points changes quickly. We have listed below the points we currently have available. Please email if you do not see the point you're looking for.

ES-1461 Rigid Fine - Manifold $10

ES-1550 Firm Extra Fine Bookkeeping $10

ES-1551 Firm Medium - Student $15

ES-1554 Firm Fine Clerical $10

ES-1555 Firm Fine Gregg Shorthand $15

ES-2550 Firm Extra Fine Posting $10

Renew Points - Master Durachrome:

Esterbrook 9000 series of nibs are all tipped with an iridium ball at the point.

ES-9450 Extra Firm Posting $15

ES-9461 Rigid Fine - Manifold $10

DipLess Style Renew Points 

EST-5461 $10

Dip-Less Steel nib.  This is the early style of Dip-Less nib that slid onto the feed before the screw in style Renew Points came into use. Usually found on early Dip-Less desk fountain pens.  Silver steel.  Medium Point.


EST-FLO-TIP Esterbrook Wonderiter Flo-Tip $8

New old stock, blister carded Esterbrook Wonderiter Flo-Tip. This is a felt tip replacement for Esterbrook cartridge fill Wonderiter fountain pens. Think of it as a felt tip writing unit! I'm sure these are still usable if you have the right Esterbrook for them. Even without the pen, they're a neat little collectible Esterbrook item.



Esterbrook Memorabilia

ES945  $10

Esterbrook P.E. No. 2 Erasers - READ FIRST:  These cool old erasers in original small box of 4 inside the original outer box DO NOT ERASE!  These are a nifty old collectible that you don't see often.  Two small original red and white boxes inside the master box. Very minty condition. 




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