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Esterbrook Advertisements

Updated January 2, 2021

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EST-28 $5

Aug 1948, B&W, 7x10, 11 points, pen shown, "Esterbrook fountain pens give you the right point"

EST-34 $5

Feb 1949, B&W, 7x10, 12 points, 1 pen shown, "Follow this line to the right point"


EST-87 $5

Feb 1945, B&W, 5x11, 10 points,
"Trust your hand to know"

EST-107 $1

Dec 1949, B&W, 9x12, I-10-Master



EST-108 $1

Nov 1949, B&W, 9x12, I-10-Master

EST-09 $5

Sept. 1953 B&W 7 x 10 11 points & 3 pens shown, "Choose the right point"

EST-11 $6

Dec 1954 Full Color 7 x 10 8 points, 3 pens, & 2 pencils shown, "Gift for more comfortable writing"

EST-12 $5

March 1954, B&W, 7x10, 8 points, 1 pen shown "Choose-Add-Write"

EST-13 $5

March 1950, B&W, 7x10, 5 points, 2 pens shown,"For the way you write"

EST-15 $5

May 1950, B&W, 7x10, 12 points, 2 pens shown in petal array "Right Point"


EST-25 $5

May 1951, 7x10, B&W, 9 points, 1 fountain pen, #444 pen set shown, "For the way you write"


EST-27 $5

Nov 1950, 7x10, B&W, 7 points, 2 fountain pens, 1 set, #444 pen set shown, "Give an Esterbrook Pen"

EST-29 $6

1950, Full Color, 7x10, 9 points, 4 pens shown, "Choose the right point"

EST-30 $5

March 1955, B&W, 7x10, 6 points, with cartoon people, 1 fountain pen shown, "For easier more comfortable writing"

EST-31 $5

1953, B&W, 7x10, 11points, 1 fountain pen shown, " number"

EST-33 $5

Nov 1954, B&W, 7x10, 8 points, 3 pens, 1 set, Christmas, "Gift you can personalize"

EST-35 $5

May 1952 B&W, 7x10, 9 points, 1 pen, "here's all you do"

EST-36 $5

Nov 1951, B&W, 7x10, 9 points, 1 pen, 1 set, "Give an Esterbrook"

EST-52 $2

1955, B&W, 5x8, Pen & 5 renew points, “You can feel the difference”

EST-55A $5

1955, B&W, 7x10, National Geographic, Petite Pak, pocket set, push pencils, "Choose the right..."

EST-80 $5

1952, B&W&Red, 11x14, pen set, 5 pens across bottom

EST-84 $5

1956, B&W, 5x14, 1 pen, 5 points

EST-85 $5

1956, B&W, 5x14, large pen, 6 points

EST-86 $5

1956, B&W, 5x14, large pen, 5 points-point diagrams at bottom

EST-95 $5

1956, B&W, 5x11, 7 cartoon people with points "easier, more comfortable"

EST-99 $5

1950, B&W&Red, 5x11, 8 points shown in oval shapes

EST-100 $5

1953, 5x11, B&W&Red, 13 points diagram on
left inserting point

EST-102 $5

1953, B&W&Red, 5x11, 12 points diagram on left inserting point

EST-104 $5

1951, B&W&Red, 5x11, S.E.P. 9 points, #444 desk set, push pencil

EST-105 $1

1956, B&W, 5x11, 3 pens, 1 set, holiday (Yellowed)

EST-115 $6

June 28, 1957, US News & World Report, 8x11.5, B&W, "How Ford Motor Company saves time and money with the desk set you fill just twice a year", "The Inkomat 444", photos of desk set, 4 renew points across bottom of ad

EST-125 $5

October 18, 1952, The Saturday Evening Post, 5x14, B&W&Red, "Choose the right point for the way you write", illustration of 11 Renew Point nibs

EST-126 $5

Dec 5, 1959, The Saturday Evening Post, 5x14, B&W&Red, "Give the pens with hidden talents", illustration of Esterbrook Classic, Esterbrook Safari, Esterbrook Plunger-Fill, and Esterbrook Scribe

EST-128 $5

May 26, 1956, The Saturday Evening Post, 5x14, B&W, "Esterbrook Fountain Pen to make your writing look better to you and to others, too", illustration of Esterbrook FP with metal cap, and 5 renew point nibs


EST-130 $5

February 18, 1950, Collier's, 5x14, B&W&Red, "Esterbrook Fountain Pens Let You Choose The Right Point For They Way You Write", illustration of 8 Renew-Point nibs, sizes of nibs in red ovals to the left of the nibs

EST-137 $6

November 17, 1951, Collier's, 11x14, B&W&Red, "Give an Esterbrook the pen with the point you know they're sure to like", illustration of Esterbrook Pocket Set, 444 Desk Pen Set, and 9 Renew-Point nibs.

EST-140 $6

December 6, 1958, The Saturday Evening Post, 11x14, B&W, "Give Esterbrook the gift of lasting value! Use this handy check-list for easy Christmas shopping", large illustrations of Scribe Ball Point Pen, Safari Twin-Cartridge Founatin Pen and Classic Fountain Pen

EST-149 $6

October 12, 1956, Collier's, 11x14, B&W, "To make your writing look better choose the right point for the way you number", illustration of "K" Pen and Pencil Set, Petite-Pak Set, Precision Ball Point, and 5 Renew-Point nibs

EST-154 $6

1955, 11x14, B&W, "Give the thoughtful gift with the personal touch Esterbrook Pens More than 30 different just right for every writing style", illustration of 13 Renew - Point nibs, illustration of couple just married opening and Esterbrook Fountain Pen & Pencil set

EST-166 $5

Esterbrook, 1953, balk, white and red, 5x13 inches, Choose the right point for the way you write … by number, 12 different Renew Points shown, 2 J series fountain pens shown.

EST-165 $5

Esterbrook, ca. 1960s, black and white, 5 x 13 inches, Esterbrook cartridge filling fountain pen, An Esterbrook is the only pen that lets you do this carry two big cartridges.

EST-167  $5

Esterbrook Advertisement 1951, National Geographic,
6 x 9.5 inches, full color. Choose the Right Point for the Way You Write for easier…clearer writing. Six different models of Esterbrook pens shown, also Model 444 DipLess inkwell set. 

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