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Pendemonium is a full time writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. We are one of just a handful of full time writing equipment dealers in the world.

We take pride in offering the very best personalized service we possibly can. Much of our business is transacted over the internet which some regard as rather impersonal, but we are determined to offer each of our customers service tailored to their needs.

We make every effort to swiftly reply to email inquiries, usually within a few hours.

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Updated July 22, 2016

More vintage and collectible Sheaffer pens, pencils and ballpoints for you today. 


Be sure to check out the large group of Targas that are fresh up on the website!

Awesome Waterman CF Fountain Pen in gold filled fine Barley pattern with an amazingly smooth nib. 

These don't turn up often and this one is in great condition.


Click here to check it out...

We have added many antique ink bottles to the website today.

Take a few moments to soak in some inky history!


Click here for Vintage Ink...


Looking for early and unusual Eversharp Mechanical Pencils?

You're in the right spot!   


Check out our selection af antique Eversharps...


They're back!!! 6mm Erasers which fit many vintage mechanical pencils!

Read all about it!

NEWS:  Now in stock! Pelikan Dunkelgruen 4001 Ink. Great deep green!

Click here...

We fell in love with this awesome double inkwell, amazing workmanship, hope you'll like it, too!  

We also listed a cool vintage white porcelain tape dispenser today. 


Inkwells and Desktop - The place to check for new listings today at Pendemonium!

Check out the great pens we posted today, all with custom ground cursive italic nibs.  

It's Cursive Italic Day!

Click to view NEW...


We have some new listings of old inkwells today! 

Each is very different - check out the handpainted stoneware ink pots, a Visconti Inkpot and a mini sized Common Sense inkwell.


Click here to shop...

We've listed many creative, re-purposed, vintage and unusual pen storage solutions for you today. 

Every one of your cherished fountain pens deserve a good home. 

Check out what we have for you today!

NEWS: An eclectic batch of vintage Scripto pencil leads for you today.

These were all made in Atlanta, Georgia. Some nice old tubes and boxes, some with little wood trays inside to hold the leads. 
All, of course have nice usable leads.

Be sure to check our extensive selection of vintage pencil leads for your mechanical pencils.

New to our vintage Sheaffer Writing Instruments lineup: 

Late teens - early 20s Demo Mechanical Pencil, 1930's marine green striped Mechanical Pencil, Sheaffer Snorkel boxed fountain pen & pencil set and a
Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel Fountain Pen from the 1950s, Sheaffer Utility Pencil and a cool Sheaffer Sentinel mechanical pencil made by Sailor for Sheaffer and a
gorgeous Sheaffer desk set from the 1920s.


Check out Sheaffer...


A couple of additions to our Vintage Inks section right here at Pendemonium Central. 

Watch for the new notations and you'll find a nice 1940s Waterman tip-fill bottle and a 1950s Parker Super Quink bottle.


Click here...


Several newly listed vintage advertising blotters for you today. 

For the petrolina enthusiast a 1950s Sunoco blotter and for all of our pen enthusiasts a 1920-1921 Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen blotter.


Click here to blott...

ca. 1900s Warren Pen Pens - designed as disposable dip pens.

Complete and in perfect condition with an A1 extra fine & extra flexible nib suitable for ornamental writing.

You just don't see these very often! Click here to see...

Just a few select Parkers to tempt you today! 

Click on over and watch for the new notices to see our latest additions to our Parker Pen offerings, like the cool window Jotter shown below.

Parker Department...

Bexley, Papermate, Salz Peter Pan and an unknown, but nice wood fountain pen all listed today. 

Yeah, we know, we're eclectic!

Pendemonium is the place to be to find the odd and unusual in the world of vintage writing instruments!

Click here to view Other Pens...

Do you remember those old school desks, the ones with an inkwell?  Probably not!  

However, there are still a lot of those beautiful old school desks out there and they are almost always missing their inkwells. That is because when they were removed from old schools and replaced with modern desks, the inkwells were usually broken.  We can help!  We just listed a bunch of old school desk inkwells, the originals to help you complete your school desk.  Also listed on the website today is a great old IDL white moistener for those of you who can't stand to lick and envelope or stamp!


Click here to view new listings...

We have Esterbrooks for you today!  Always sturdy and dependable pens.


Click here to check out Esterbooks...


It's Cursive Italic Day!

Click here to view new...

We've just added over 25 different antique dip pen nibs to our individual listings. 

These are all high end, very well made dip pen nib including some made outside the U.S.  

Included are:

Caporal (Italy), D Leonardt (England), Elettra (Italy), Locati (Italy), M.V., Marquette, Miller Bros, Perry (England), Plume Gauloise, Turner & Harrison and Frank E. Wood. 

Quantities very limited on most of the nibs listed today. 

Collectors will want to note that some of the Perry nibs have reverse imprints!

Click here to view and purchase...




It has been a VERY busy day tending to our Esterbrook Dip Pen Nib listings. 

Changes in quantities to almost 20 different nibs.

That is not to mention all of the other Esterbrook dip pen nibs and other brands of vintage dip pen nibs
already listed on the site! Click here...

Plus we have all kinds of vintage original advertisements for Esterbrook Dip Pen Nibs,
as well as Fountain Pens.  Click the photo below to view.

PLUS we've added the following new Esterbrook listings:

509 Penesco

No. 1 Drawlet

No. 4 Drawlet

161B Engrossing

312 Judge's Quill

356 Art & Drafting

369 Maritime

444 School Pen

511 Penesco

512 Judge's Quill

523 Penesco

525 Penesco

672 Transmitter Nib

707 Modified Slant

Think Ink Day! Lots of antique ink bottles for you.

Pendemonium Vintage page...

We carry a range of modern current production inks, also. Private Reserve, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker. 

Our No. 1 best selling ink Legal Lapis, made exclusively for Pendemonium by the Noodler's Ink Co.


Parkers are one of the BIG FOUR pens for collectors!  

Lots of different models to collect, Parker made fountain pens, mechanical pencils and more modern roller balls and ballpoint pens.  
They were instrumental in perfecting ink cartridges filled with Parker Quink Ink and also in perfecting that little ball at the end their Parker Jotter
ballpoint pen refills so it works perfectly every time you put it to paper. 

We have a wide range of Parkers right here on the Pendemonium website, including some new additions today.

Several vintage German leather pen cases landed on the website today in our pen storage aisle. 

Of particular note is the Soennecken marked red leather case, you just don't see these everyday.

Click here to view more...

Up on the website are two beautiful old retail display cards with original fountain pens nibs threaded to the cards. 

You just don't see these very often.  Take a peek!

No electricity required! 

Get a perfect point on your woodcase pencils every time!





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