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Updated July 26, 2019

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Amodex AMO-10023 $8.50

We're convinced that Amodex was made especially for people who must fiddle with pens. Amodex will get out all of the self inflicted ink stains on your fingers and your clothes when you have finished repairing your pen! Amodex will also take care of all those accidental ink stains that look like Rorschach tests on your pocket! Specially formulated to remove ink and other stains from skin, fabric & many other surfaces.

Non-toxic, contains lanolin. Amodex is a soap, not a solvent. Amodex 1 OZ bottle with brush. Amodex maintains an excellent Stain Solutions page about their ink remover.

Click here to learn just what Amodex can do!



#OFF  Off Ink Remover   $10

The best for removing fountain pen ink from hands!  This great ink remover has become a fixture next to our pen repair station sink and we use it daily.  All natural citrus based ink remover works without water.  We've tested this extensively and it works every time, even on super inky fingers!   Made in USA. 

Rub a little OFF on your ink stained skin briskly until liquefied. Wipe hands clean with a dry cloth or rinse with water. Smells great. Comes in a squeeze style white plastic 4 oz container. A little goes a long way!







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