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Updated May 5, 2019

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Inkwells - Special Offer!  Vintage Inkpots!

Vintage blue and white glazed porcelain inkpots.  Each is about 1.75 inches tall and the opening is 1 5/8 inches.  Cobalt blue floral design.  Perfect for pouring out a little ink when you're using a dip or glass pen. Just the right size for mixing a small quantity of inks. Or you could fill with water to clean off your nib.  Just perfect for pen people! We know their original purpose in life was not as an Inkpot. Most likely they were sake cups, but others have suggested they might be small Chinese teacups.  Whatever they are, we do think they make great inkpots!

W993-1 $10  each

1 Inkpot 


W993-2 $7.50  each

2 or more Inkpots

Vintage Inkwells

W943  $25

Stoneware Ink Pots - Ink Pots are glazed a very soft grey with subtle speckles.  Each is hand painted with a leaf motif in a brilliant bright blue.  Each one is slightly different.  Base measures 2.5 inches, height is 3.5 inches.  Perfect Condition.  These would work well for a single pen holder as the mouth is wide enough to accommodate most fountain pens or use as intended as a cool looking ink pot.  They are not brand new but not super old either, I'd think they were made in the past 20 years.  Several available at time of listing. 

W964 $70

French Souvenir Inkwell - ca. 1920s. Chrome plated double inkwell is marked: Made in France in four different spots on the underside of base. Two figural pieces in the center show the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims and Joan of Arc. Souvenir de Reims is engraved beneath the cathedral figural. Hinged inkwell lids, recessed area is formed to serve as a single pen holder. Measures 5.5 x 2.5 inches at the widest base points. Height to the top of the cathedral is 2 5/8 inches. NOTE: Inkwell inserts and missing from this inkstand. Very good condition and nice detail on this souvenir inkwell.

W1047 $40

Desk Top Inkwell, ca. 1950s, Australia, dark brown Bakelite with screw on top and indentations that serve as pen rests on the top edge. Simple inkwell, fill with ink, dip your pen in! Marked on base: Duperite. Duperite was an Australian company specializing in decorative and utilitarian items make of Bakelite. Measures 2 inches diameter and 2 1/8 inches in height. Very good condition.

W1052 $35

Argentinian Bakelite Ink Pot, ca. 1940s. The bottom of the ink pot is marked: Industria Lau Argentina 211. Very dark green with many specks of multiple colors throughout. Screw on black metal lid. Top of lid measures one inch diameter. Height is 1 7/8 inches. The widest part of the ink pot at center is 2 1/8 inches. Holds a very small amount of ink for dipping. Very good condition. 

Desk Top Items - Desk Top Accessories

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In addition to inkwells, we search the world for interesting vintage desk top accessories.

No, we're not talking about the desktop you might be reading this on, we're talking about your good old fashioned desk top, the one where you sit down to write letters with pen and ink.

Knife Handle Letter Openers - A Pendemonium Exclusive!

These beautiful letter openers were all made from vintage knives. The handles are just amazing and there is a wide range of patterns from the very old traditional designs to more recent Mid-Century Modern patterns. Handles range from Sterling Silver to Silver Plate to Stainless Steel. They are all in a minimum of very good condition, some letters openers show normal wear to the handles, after all, in days gone by someone used these to eat their dinner with! Each knife was individually hand ground and polished by a local metal craftsman into a letter opener blade. This gent does amazing specialty work, these letter openers will not disappoint you!

LO-17 $15

Stainless Steel Letter Opener, Mid-Century Modern single Starburst pattern, no markings at all. Measures 8.25 inches long.

LO-18 $15

Stainless Steel Letter Opener, Contemporary look of "paisley" shapes on edges of handle, no markings at all. Measures 8 5/8 inches long.

MM469 $15

Bill Spindle - Very contemporary modern look, probably dates to the late 1950s. Ivory metal base measures 2.75 inches diameter, overall height is 4 3/8 inches. Very good condition.

MM570 $15

Antique Cast Iron Bill Spike is made of heavy iron and has a bit of a coppery looking patina to it. Base diameter is 2.25 inches, height is 5 inches. The spike leans a tiny bit to one side, but is straight. Fill it up with bills or notes and letters, great little vintage desk accessory.

PW-035 $35

Lasercraft Solid Walnut Paperweight, beveled edges, laser engraved oak leaf and acorn design. Measures 3 x 5 inches. Original labels all intact on the bottom. Excellent condition.

PW-050 $25

Custom Paperweight - Features a Waterman black and white advertisement with fountain pen and Ben Franklin illustration from May 3, 1919. Clear glass oval antique paperweight measures 4 x 2 7/8 inches. Black felt on base. Excellent condition.

PW065 $20

Antique Clear Glass Paperweight fit with an early Black and White Carter Pen Original Advertisement.  Rectangular paperweight measures 4.25 x 2.75 inches. Felt on base to protect your desk. Excellent condition. 



MM649  $65

Vintage Inlaid Wood Bookends – Solid wood bookends are well made and feature a beautiful diamond shaped pattern of contrasting inlaid woods on the front side of each. Stepped bases.  Height of each bookend is 5.75 inches, base of each bookend measures 2.5 x 7 3/8 inches. The bottom of each bookend is stamped:  Patent Applied For. A handsome pair of bookends! Very good condition. Books shown in photos not included. 

MM688 $15

Letter Opener, ornate handle with repouse art nouveau styling, the letter opener blade is marked stainless.  Measures 8 inches long. Looks to be fairly recent production, not an old knife handle, but certainly not brand new either.  From an old table silverplate (not marked) table knife.  Very good condition.  

MM690  $75

Industrial Lamp Corp. metal single pedestal desk lamp with two pen grooves across the front of base. Push button turns 18 inch fluorescent tube on and off, the tube is in working order.  Dark brown metal. Original Underwriters Laboratories label on back of lamp. Base measures 10 x 5.5 inches at widest points. Shade is 20 inches long. Height is 11 inches. This antique desk lamp is in excellent condition. 

MM709  $20

Antique Bill Spindle, beautiful bronze finish, design is sort of an Art Nouveau style with four leaves coming out from the center and resting on a base with a aquare cross, lots of details on this base.  Measures 4.75 inches tall.  Very striking design and in excellent condition. 

MM714  $35

Bostitch Model B5 Full Size Stapler, solid steel, black crinkle finish, measures 7 x 2.25 inches at base, height is 3.25 inches. Finish is very good, just a little wear on the front two base corners and oddly a couple chips to the smooth part of the handle where you push down on the UNDERside. Filled with staples and ready to go to work. Very good condition. 

MM721  $20

Markwell Model RTP Full Size Stapler. New York USA. Very unusual design and very spiffy chrome abounds!  Measures 8 1/8 inches long, height is 4.5 inches. A small latch opens the door to access staple channel at the front of the stapler, there is an adjustable chrome disk as the stapler plate, you can move back and forth to change where the stapler with staple. Lots of hyperbole engraved on the bottom of the base:  Markwell Mfg Co, Inc. New York, NY, Made in USA, Trademark Parent no. 1887731 Others Pending,  Markwell Reg US Pat Off Guaranteed 10 Years If Only Markwell Size RF Staples Are Used. The stapler is in very good condition, however there is one glitch – there are only FOUR Markwell RF staples in the stapler and we have not found any other staples that will fit properly.  Therefore, you will have to initiate an intense staple search OR enjoy this one for it’s fine industrial design.

MM723  $25

Markwell RX Handi-Clip Plier Stapler with original green and white box. Hand held stapler for traditional stapling plus tacking items to a flat surface, like a bulletin board.  Grey crinkle finish.  Measures 5 x 2.5 inches at widest points.  Loaded with staples, plus it comes with ¾ of a box of MZD Markwell staples.  The stapler box is well worn, but the box of staples and the stapler itself are in excellent condition.

MM729  $20

Solari Envelope Moistener, ca. 1960s, Beige plastic receptacle with white porcelain roller. Measures 3.75 in diameter at base, height is 1 7/8 inches, top diameter is 3.25 inches. Roller measures 2 1/8 inches. Pull off the top to refill the receptacle with water, run your envelope flap over the roller to moisten and then seal. Perfect for those of you who hate licking envelopes. Very good condition.


Looking for items to hold, store and display your pens?

We carry an ever changing selection of vintage pen trays, pen stands and other unusual desk top holders for your pens on our Pen Storage page.

Looking for replacement inkwell inserts?

Richard Vacca of Rich-Beau-Tiques has a wide selection or porcelain and glass inserts available. Email:

Corning Museum of Glass

By sheer luck, we ended up in Corning, New York in May 2005 on the trip back from the New England Pen Show. We found a motel for the night, got settled in and then went off to take a drive around town and see Corning. We were in awe of the Corning Museum of Glass just from looking at the outside, so we knew that we would be off to a late start the next morning because a tour of this museum was surely a must-do!

Amongst stunning glass creations, throughout the museum we found beautiful glass inkwells. Some were grouped with like glass and style, others were grouped as inkwell examples. We were very pleased to discover the inkwells, a nice unexpected diversion on a long road trip.

It was difficult to photograph the inkwells because of the lighting and glass, but I can assure you, they're well worth the trip to Corning. There are many, many more on display, the inkwells below are just a small sampling, not to mention the ones where the photos came out pretty well!

There were fewer ink bottles to gaze at, but we did see this early Hill's Ink bottle out of Philadelphia with an unknown cone ink bottle in the foreground.

We also sat in on a short demonstration on the art of glass making.

The glass exhibits at the Corning Museum were well done, the museum is a pleasant experience and no chance to get bored because there is something unusual around every corner. There is also a lovely gift shop and a large cafe with fresh and delicious food - not things all museums can have bragging rights to! Whether it's just down the block or thousands of miles away, the Corning Museum of Glass is well worth the visit!


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