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Updated January 21, 2018

This is where we let you know about new items, upcoming events and other newsworthy things we hope you'll find of interest as a pen aficionado.

NEWS for January 22, 2018: This 1940s Parker Pencil is very uncommon! Click the link to check it out.


NEWS for January 21, 2018: John Hancock Day aka National Hawndwriting Day is celebrated annually on January 23, John Hancock's birthday. Pendemonium celebrates annually, too and we hope you will pull out your favorite writing instrument and write a letter extolling the virtues of handwritten correspondence.

Watch for our Special Edition Inky Greetings on January 23, 2018 sent to subscibers at 8am CT. If you do not subscribe to Inky Greetings, you can do so here:

NEWS for January 11, 2018: This 1920's Sheaffer Ringtop Pencil is a beauty!  Just listed for sale today.  Hope you'll take a moment to check it out.


NEWS for January 10, 2018:  Limited Supplies!  New old stock Sheaffer Legacy nib units custom ground to cursive italics.  Super smooth!   Write beautifully!

Cursive Italics

NEWS for January 9, 2018: For those of you who are non-Fountain Pen people, we carry a wide range of ballpoint and roller ball refills as well as our usual array of fountain pen inks and cartridges. Some of the more unusual ones are listed for sale in our Roller Ball and Ballpoint Refills section. Check them out here!


Pendemonium wishes you all the best in the New Year.  We hope 2018 brings you all the fountain pens and writing things your heart desires.  We look forward to doing business with you all throughout the coming year.

Please note that we will be away from the shop December 19 thru January 6 to spend the holidays with family. Email will continue to be answered. Orders will continue to be acknowledged. Shipping will be suspended starting December 19 and will resume on January 8, 2018.


NEWS for December 28, 2017: We've been doing a little housecleaning and tidying in our Pencil Leads aisle. All very spiffy now and we added a few new vintage pencil lead containers, too.

Pencil Leads


NEWS for December 27, 2017: Snazzy bright blue swirly Parker Insignia, writes like a dream. Check out PK2572 in our Parker Pens aisle.

Parker Pens


Our NEW Pendemonium Downtown Shop is open for business in historic downtown Kingman, Arizona!

We have filled it up with a  little bit of all thing - Pendemonium.  There are fountain and other pens, dip pens, many inks, pen repair supplies including pen sacs. Also, ephemera, desk sets, inkwells and other pen-centric items we normally sell here on the website that we hope our customers would like. Just like our Pendemonium website, the items will change frequently.  

The shop is located inside Time Was Antiques at 427 E. Beale St, Kingman, Arizona.

Open Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 5 PM and Saturdays 10AM - 4PM.  Closed Sundays. Sam will be at the new shop four days a month and we will announce the dates at the beginning of each month. In January, Sam will be at the shop on the following days:

Saturday, January 13
Monday, January 15
Friday, January 19
Saturday, January 27

There is always a Time Was Antiques employee to assist customers throughout the antique shop, as well as at the Pendemonium shop during open hours. 

No changes to our Pendemonium website, No changes to our Pen Show schedule, just another way for you browse our items in a historic downtown setting at your leisure.  We look forward to serving you at the new Downtown Pendemonium!


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