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Updated June 28, 2017

This is where we let you know about new items, upcoming events and other newsworthy things we hope you'll find of interest as a pen aficionado.

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Join Pendemonium at the Northwest Pen Round-Up!
We look forward to seeing you in Portland

Saturday, July 15, 2017. 11am - 5pm at the Lucky Labrador Brewing Co - Portland, Oregon

The pen people in the Portland area throw a ONE DAY Pen Round-Up each summer! We're looking forward to attending again this year and to seeing many people from the surrounding area and beyond. There are always plenty of fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and desk top items as well as other writing instruments and related items. The casual and welcoming atmosphere at the Lucky Lab is perfect for getting to know other like-minded people and expanding the learning curve about writing instruments.

We're always happy to bring along special requests to the pen shows, our pen-mobile is big, but not big enough to bring all things Pendemonium!   Drop us an email at with your wish list and we'll pack it for delivery at the Northwest Pen Round-Up.  

Typewriting is cool these days and these two Remington Streamliner typewriters are very spiffy looking!

Designed by Carl Sundberg and made in Holland, they just scream mid-century modern design. 

Both of these new listings are the same typewriter, but the carrying cases are just a little different. 

Lots of photos available for you to browse through - go check them out now!   

Click here to view and buy!

Additional typewriters available!



Yep, we're eclectic here! 

Count on us to have the odd and unusual.  Not too much in the cookie cutter department, though!!  Today we have for you a Pelikan 450 TRUE Demonstrator. actually it goes a step further, it is a DUMMY pen intended to be used in window displays.  Not something you see everyday!  Item number PEL495


Also a lovely 1960s Cross 12KT gold filled ballpen with the Chrysler logo engraved on the side of the cap.  


Click to view Other Pens...

Up on our Books section of the website today are a number of amazing vintage penmanship books.

Has been awhile since we had any nice ones to put up for sale, so we're pleased to offer these up for you today.  Useful penmanship instruction, a peak into the past and awesome examples of penmanship as it once was.   


Books, Books, and Books...

One step up from the basic billiard ball styled Esterbrook desk set is this one with the snazzy grey pearl trim ring, plus the pen has shorthand nib - fun to write with.

Click here...

We're having a White Dot Day!! 

Several vintage Sheaffer writing instruments were just listed for sale today.



Clean up in the Other Pens Aisle 5, Please!!!

We've done a little housecleaning and added some new items in our Other Pens Aisle today.

Bexley Tri-Continental Multi Pens are back, but we only have two of them, so if you like Bexleys, grab one of these now.

At only $20, it's the most affordable Bexley you're going to find!

PEL494 is a beautiful translucent green M200, these haven't been made in ages and we're pleased to have one to offer in MINT condition!


We invite you to our Other Pens aisle where you won't find
Parker, Sheaffer, Eversharp or Waterman, but you WILL find many other interesting vintage fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens!

NEWS:  Parker Fountain Pens for you today:  

Stylmark and Rialto. These are from the 1970s and 1980s and Parker was super creative and innovative in their design during this era!


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So many pencils added to our selections today! 

Victorian, Mechanical, Ringtops, PLUS some pencil related items, too - How about a GIANT pencil to hold your woodcase pencils?!?  

We invite you to browse our pencil aisle.



NEWS:  Try one of Private Reserve Ink's dazzling colors today!

Bottles and Cartridges

Sam with Myk Daigle at the Pendemonium exhibit.  2017 Los Angeles Pen Show. 

Photo courtesy Susan Bowen and copyright Pen World International magazine. 

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