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Updated March 18, 2019

Welcome to Pendemonium's Other Pens section! Every fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen that we have available that was not made by Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman, Esterbrook or Wahl Eversharp is right here. There were so many great brands over the years not made by the major manufacturers - Conklin, Salz, Aikin Lambert, John Holland, Reform, Pelikan, Moore and so many more. This is THE spot to find those vintage pens! Please scroll down to view our current selection and remember to check back frequently as we update this section often.

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Monteverde Monza Fountain Pens


MV36757  Monteverde Monza Flex, Jolly Green  $20

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

The Monteverde Monza Flex Special Edition Jolly Green Fountain Pen features the OmniFlex stainless steel nib.

Created with a translucent demo style cap and barrel in Jolly Green. Bright chrome trim. The lightweight design makes the pen ideal for everyday use. Each pen comes in a matching transparent gift box, two standard international ink cartridges and an ink converter.  Full sized fountain pen measures 5 3/8 inches long.  Polished steel nib with additional side cut outs deliver a modern fine to broad flexible line.






Monteverde Monza Fountain Pen with Standard Fine Nib


Each pen comes in a matching transparent gift box, two standard international ink cartridges and an ink converter. It also has comes with an o-ring on the pen so you can also fill via eyedropper style - that barrel holds a lot of ink.  Full sized fountain pen measures 5 3/8 inches long.  Polished steel nib is a generous fine point.  Please note color selection below:

MV36732 Monteverde Monza FP, fine point, translucent - Honey Amber $20 

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.


MV36742 Monteverde Monza FP, fine point, translucent - Gray Sky $20 


MV36712 Monteverde Monza FP, fine point, translucent - Crystal Clear $20 

PEL497  $400

Pelikan M450 Demonstrator Pen, marked on side of cap:  Dummy-Factice Facsimile.  This pen would have been used in a display, probably a window display.  There are no guts!  There is no nib!  The pen is permanently sealed together.  Dark grey cap and blind cap.  Celluloid tortoise binde, rolled gold cap band, clip and top trim.  Grey top is engraved and filled with gold, Mama Pelikan in her nest with one chick.  Measures 5 inches long, girth at cap band edge is one half inch.  There is a tight stress fracture in the binde and the finish shows light crazing – this would be typical of a dummy pen exposed to lots of direct sunlight, perhaps through the window as well as through the glass of a display.  There is also some residue (possibly orange shellac?) on a small area of the blind cap where I presume an identifying label may have once been attached.  This, of course is why they made Dummy Pens!  No gold nibs or pistons sacrificed.  Rare Pelikan! 


MM713 $10

The Standard Fountain Pen Box, ca. 1900, Austria – This is just the box, fountain pen not included. Paperboard box with lift off lid is in outstanding condition. Slate blue lid is printed in gold metallic: The “Standard” (Registered) Price $1.50 Guaranteed Self-Filling Fountain Pen Austria. There is just a hint of wear on the box top edges, lower section of box as well as the inside of the box are in perfect condition, not even a hint of an ink stain which is most unusual on these older boxes. Measures 5 7/8 in x 1 in and is ½ inch in height. I can only guess that at one time this box held a lovely black hard rubber eyedropper style fountain pen with a nice flexible gold nib!



CON62 $150

Conklin Endura Desk Style Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1920s, Blue on Blue celluloid barrel, double lines were originally bright red, but have faded, the red line at barrel – taper junction is very good.  Ebonite section and taper, both are still black, but starting to oxidize to brown. Solid 14KT gold nib is marked Conklin Endura with half moon vent hole. Firm fine point. Measures 8 inches long. Very good condition.


MI1776 $225

Duo-Bex Fountain Pen, Same size as a Parker Duofold International at 5 1/8 inches long, cap opening is one half inch diameter. Stainless Steel cap and barrel were custom made. Orange trim pieces on this pen are from Parker Duofold Original Red resin (the 1990s version, NOT the 1920s version!). Gold electroplated roller style clip. Fit with a Bexley two tone decorated polished steel and gold plated nib, Stub nib is 1.3mm prox. Fit with a standard international piston converter (included), will also accept standard international cartridges sold separately. Mint condition.  


MI1777 $220

Salz Fountain Pen, ca. late 1920s – early 1930s, jade green celluloid, rounded cap and barrel ends. White metal clip with nice detailing and raised rectangle engraved: Salz. Gold filled double cap bands and lever. Laurel wreath surrounds the letter S (for Salz) on round lever end, Salz is marked on long section of lever. No barrel or cap imprints. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Replacement Mentmore English 14CT gold nib is marked: Mentmore Osmi Irdium 14 CT Gold. Bouncy, slightly flexible nib is a 0.9mm prox italic. Full half inch girth on this nice jade green Salz, length is 5 1/8 inches long. Excellent jade green color which is tough to find these days. Overall very good condition.

MI1808 $350

  Edward Todd & Co Ringtop Fountain Pen, ca. early 1920s, ebonite with solid 14KT gold Cap and Barrel overlay. Marked at top of barrel: PAT. 58001"  which is an Edward Todd design patent May 24, 1921.  Also marked: 14K with the Edward Todd mark. Lever is engraved P.O.D. Solid 14KT gold nib marked Edward Todd & Co New York.  Exceptionally flexible point writes fine to very broad. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Measures 3.5 inches long.  No dings or dents and in excellent condition.


MI1810 $20

Schneider Student Fountain Pen, Germany, Bright Yellow cap and barrel with bright red ends. Contoured soft blue grip of bright red section. Polished steel nib is a firm medium point.  As with many Euro student pens, one side of the cap and Barrel are flat to prevent it from rolling off a desk. ClipLess style. Cartridge-Converter fill, piston converter included, standard short international cartridges sold separately. Measures 5.5 inches long. Excellent condition.


MI1804 $25

 Think Ink Fidget Ballpen for Focus.  A large and fun pen, perhaps for those none-fountain pen loving people on your gift list! Bright steel etched barrel with spherical top, push down on the raised circular band to extend and retract refill. This pen is totally magnetic!! There are four additional gizmos to add to the pen and fidget with it.  No set design – create your own. Measures 6 inches long. In original aluminum box. Lots of fun to create your own exterior pen design.


CON-63 $425

Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1930s, USA.  Burgundy and Black Herringbone pattern, gold filled clip and cap band, rocker clip is marked:  Conklin.  Six ink view windows  run the length of the faceted barrel. No Word Gauge markings on any of the windows.  Turning knob is marked with arrows: Fill – Empty. Nozac filling – twist blind cap to fill.  Fills only from a bottle. Solid 14KT gold nib is marked: <crescent at top> Conklin Cushon Point 14KT USA.  Medium – Broad flexible point is very responsive. Measures 5 3/8 inches long. Cap opening is one half inch diameter. There are some tooth marks to the turning knob at barrel end, otherwise in very good condition, 


MI1823 $75

Levenger True Writer Fountain Pen, recent production. Beautiful marbled acrylic cap and barrel in deep charcoal back with flecks of very light grey. Black double jewels. Polished steel nib is a smooth fine point. Cartridge-converter fill–piston style converter is included. Measures 5.5 inches long. Excellent condition. 


MI1824 $75

Levenger True Writer Fountain Pen, recent production. Beautiful marbled acrylic cap and barrel in brilliant crimson red with pearly flecks of light red. Black double jewels. Polished steel nib is a smooth medium point. Cartridge-converter fill–piston style converter is included. Measures 5.5 inches long. Excellent condition. 



MI1827 $75

Merlin Fountain Pen, Model No. 33, Netherlands, ca. 1950s, light and darker green green marbled celluloid, gold filled trim. Button filler – fills only from a bottle.  Measures 4.75 inches long capped and 5.5 inches long with cap posted.  One half inch diameter at cap opening.  Solid 14KT gold nib is marked M inside Crown Outline 14K 585. Flexible fine/medium point. Very Good condition. 


Non-Fountain Pens, Ballpoints, Roller Balls and other pens without a nib! 

MI896 Barlow Ballpoint Pen $10

Classic styling in black matte finish with gold electroplated trim, twist to extend and retract refill. Uses Cross BP refills. Measures 5.5 inches long. A very elegant pen at a price point for everyone’s budget. New condition, not boxed.

MI902 Barlow Desk Set Style Ballpoint Pen $10

Black matte finish with gold electroplated trim, twist to extend Cross style ballpoint refill. Measures 6.75 inches long, diameter is 5/16 inch. This is a nicely finished desk pen that fits many desk sets. Desk set pens seem to go AWOL over the years, I know I’m always looking for replacements! It doesn’t fit ALL desk set pen sockets, but just might be the answer to your empty pen socket while you search for the correct pen. New condition.

MI967 Tiffany Ballpoint & Pencil Set $200

Mechanical Pencil set dates to the 1970s and is made of sterling silver. Engraved rings encircle the full length of both pen and pencil. Each piece is marked: Tiffany & Co. Germany Sterling. Ballpoint measures 3 7/8 inches long, Mechanical Pencil is 3 5/8 inches long. Twist pencil mechanism uses 1.1mm diameter leads. Retrofit with working BP refill. No dings or dents, this set is in excellent condition.

CRO-049 Cross Century Ballpoint Pen $35

USA, Classic matte black with gold plated clip and trim. Twist to extend and retract Cross style BP refill. Measures 5.25 inches long. Truly a classic! Used, but in very good condition.

MI1383 Kaweco Sport Ballpoint & Mechanical Pencil Set $50

Dark royal blue large diameter faceted barrels with gold plated ferrules and Kaweco medallion at top of the clicker tops. Each is marked Kaweco Sport on the barrel in script. BP uses mini BP refills, fresh one installed. MP uses 0.7mm diameter leads. BP measures 4 1/8 inches long, MP is 4 7/16 inches long. Very good condition.

MI1401 Paper Mate Pen Boxes $10

Set of 4 original and early, ca. early 1960s PaperMate Pen boxes in white with vivid green and red printing. “Bankers Approve” Each holds a single pen and has never been folded into a box of used. Boxes only, no Paper Mate pens included. Mint condition.

MI1582  $25

Conway Stewart Princess Pen, ca. early 1970s, England, very petite ballpoint pen with faceted gold electroplated lined barrel marked: Conway Stewart UK. Twist small cap at top to extend and retract unusual ballpoint refill. We were unable to find or retrofit a ballpoint for this late model Conway Stewart, this pen is not in working order. Measures 4.25 inches long. Excellent condition. 

CRO-060  $40

A.T. Cross Century Ballpoint Pen – Chrysler logo engraved, ca. 1960s, USA.  Marked at top of cap:  1/20th 12KT Gold Filled Century Made in USA.  Marked CROSS on clip.  Lined finish on cap and barrel.  Uses current production Cross ballpoint refills, fresh refill installed.  Chrysler Corporation and the pentagon shaped Chrysler logo is engraved on side of cap. Light teeth marks on black end of cap, otherwise in very good condition.  Comes with original black cardboard box which has some stains and the lid is quite well worn. 

MI1665  $15

Handwriting Inc USA Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, USA, ribbed chrome cap with smooth clip, clip is engraved Handwriting Inc. USA.  Barrel is marked:  Bell System.  Click button at top of cap to extend and retract refill.  Fresh refill installed.  Measures 5 1/8 inches long.  Can’t help but smile over the name of this pen!  Very good condition. 

MI1670  $15

Ballpoint Pen, Clip marked Colson USA, ca. 1960s – 70s, bright turquoise cap, polished steel center band, clip and clicker button, white barrel with turquoise lettering:  “It’s ittle, It’s Lovely, It Lights/illustration of a Princess Phone/ The Princess Phone.Click top button to extend and retract fresh refill.  5 1/8 inches long.  There are a couple small specs of bright pink near lower edge of cap band and a light brownish stain on the P and I on the word Princess.  Otherwise very good condition.  Talk about memories,  I do remember my Mother having a pink Princess telephone!  


MI1678  $35

Zaner Bloser Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s – Dual Ended, bright red and blue plastic with ribbed gripping section on each end.  Measures 5.75 inches long.  This pen has fresh refills installed, both are black (sorry, couldn’t find red and blue for these!).   Zaner Bloser pens have an unsusal countoured shape designed for comfortable and correct writing.  This ballpoint design is based on the original Zaner Bloser dip pen design used to learn Zanerian Writing.  Very good condition. 

MI1809  $20

Venus ball PEN-cil Desk Stand Model 10-DS, made in Lewisburg, Tennessee.  New old stock desk stand in original cardboard box.  Black plastic base and pen holder with single pen groove across the base.  This Venus set did not originally come with a pen, I believe it was intended to hold whatever stray ballpoint you might have had on your desk.  The original retail price printed right on the box was 50 cents!   We, however, have added a Parker Jotter desk style ballpoint pen in black with a bright mandarin yellow taper and a fresh Parker Jotter ballpoint refill.  Desk stand measurs 2.25 x 3 inches, pen measures 6.25 inches.  Desk stand and Pen are both in mint condition.  The original desk stand box shows quite a bit of shop wear.  (2 avail)  

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