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Updated March 22, 2021

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Many pen collectors like to do their own repairs and are quite capable of doing so. However, if you are new to repairing vintage writing instruments, we strongly suggest that you proceed with caution. Start out with some junkers before you launch into restoring that recently acquired oversized Doric. Vintage pens are fragile relics of the past and it becomes more important all the time to try and preserve them in the best way known. If you are the least bit uncertain as to how to proceed with a repair, we recommend contacting a professional pen repair person. In other words, please let your common sense prevail!

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Repair Supplies


Natural Chamois Polishing Cloth - Approximately 6 x 6 inch piece of natural chamois to polish nibs and metal trim on fountain pens.  NOTE:  Since chamois is irregular in shape, your natural chamois polishing cloth will be a minimum of 6 x 6 inches, but will measure a bit larger, don't expect a neat and tidy little square, these are irregular in shape!  We will include care instruction for your natural chamois polishing cloth. 


ML910L  $10.00

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

Illuminated Handheld Magnifier, 10X,  0.75 inch diameter lens, one bright white LED bulb, Black plastic case with push button on side.  Also comes with soft black vinyl pouch.  Measures 3.5 inches long. Uses 2 CR2016 batteries included. 

MJ3619CL $15.00

LED Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe, 10x magnification, 18m diameter lens, white LED light.  Comes in plastic case, uses 3 AG10 batteries included. 

MM987 $10.00

 LED illuminated Sliding Magnifier, 10X magnification, 21mm diameter lens, white LED light.  Uses 3 AG10 batteries included. 

KD-135 $25

Section Pliers - Coated section pliers for safely removing sections from barrels.


3WAY $2

Three Way Nib Smoother and Pen Polisher - Foam mounted to avoid flat spots. Long dark grey side for tine tuning nibs. White and black areas on opposite side for smoothing out barrel and cap imperfections. Measures 5/8 inch x 5.75 inches.


#ANB  Acrylic Nib Block $30

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

For those of you who do pen restoration, a nib block is an important item for your tool box. We've used a machined steel nib block for many years and once in awhile you can turn one of these up, but the steel blocks run hundreds of dollars. These new precision made acrylic nib blocks work perfectly for straightening and re-shaping nibs. Better still, the cost is affordable for everyone. Clear acrylic nib block measures 11.5 cm x 5 cm (4.5 x 2 inches), with diameters on both convex and concave surfaces running from 3 to15 mm (1/8" to 19/32").  Use a burnisher to work the kinks out of your nibs on the acrylic nib block.  Nibs shown in photo not included.




Knock Out Block
Solid wood, steel plate over 4 different hole diameters, includes 4 steel rods to knock out feed & nib units and a convenient place to store the rods at end of knock out block. Necessary tool for removing feed and nib units from vintage pen sections.



Vacumatic Block
For removing the threaded filler unit in Parker 51 and Vacumatic fountain pens. Includes wrench for tightening the block. Measures 2.5 inches long x .5 inch wide x .75 inch high. Precision threaded to match original Parker threads on Vacs and 51s.


Pure silicone grease, about 1/3 ounce in plastic container, for lubricating Touchdown tubes, plunger rods, o-rings, and other things!



Orange Shellac for adhering pen sacs. 15 cc glass bottle with applicator brush in cap.

PICK $5 each

Pen Picks
Stainless steel pick for removing dried up sacs and gentle probing of pen barrels. Perfect for reaching deep into pen barrels. Slight variations as shown in the photo, but all work great for pen repairs. We will select for you.




Sac Forceps
These are the best tool I have for remove those hard to reach bits of dried up or gummy old sacs in the bottom of a pen barrel. Narrow, so they easily fit in barrel, just the last half inch of the forceps opens and closes. Overall length is 7.75 inches including handle, length of forceps is 5 3/8 inches.

SIMI $15.25

Simichrome Polish
Fine polishing paste for hard rubber, celluloid, plastics, gold, silver and many other metals. Not for use on plated finishes. 1.76 oz tube.


Zip Seal Bags
2 mil plastic zip seal bags for temporary storage of pens or pen parts. Bag measures 2 x 8 inches. These come in handy for keeping together all the parts of the pen you started to repair this evening, but didn't have time to finish! 100 per package. Note: Pen NOT included!


Repair Books



Da Book - Guide to Fountain Pen Repairs
Frank Dubiel, spiral bound. Everything you wanted to know about repairing vintage fountain pens & probably a few things you didn't want to know, too! Whether you're just starting out with pen repairs or have been at it for awhile, this book has lots of helpful hints.


Eversharp Service Manual 1937
Repair Manual Reprint of an original 1937 Eversharp manual with additional notes by Frank Dubiel.


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