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Updated September 29, 2020

Pull up a chair! Check out this 1950's Sheaffer Snorkel television commercial with Vivian Vance. Then scroll down and view our selections.


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Flat Top Fountain Pens and Pencils


Balance Pens & Pencils

SH4581  $125

Sheaffer Balance Ladies Ringtop Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1930's, Marine Green Pearl Radite, Gold filled trim, white dot on cap just below the ringtop. Large Sheaffer’s Lifetime solid 14KT gold nib, Nib imprint: Sheaffer’s Lifetime Reg US Pat Off Made in USA 344896. Firm fine point, Measures 4 1/8 inches long. The Radite is a just a tad darker than it would have been originally, gold filled trim in excellent condition.

SHF-TRS  $175

Sheaffer Transitional Fountain Pen, ca. early 1930s, USA.  Be it transitional or not as there has been much discussion about this over years, it is a correct configuration with the Balance cap and a Lifetime flat ended barrel.  Measures 4 5/8 inches long.  Lever fill - fills only from a bottle.  Gold filled trim, humped ball clip is engraved:  Sheaffer'S.   White dot on cap above clip.  Sheaffer's Lifetime solid one tone 14KT gold nib is a firm fine point.  Light brassing to the Clip ball and lower edge of cap band, otherwise very good condition. 


Triumph & Tuckaway - Pens & Pencils

PFM - How to tell if you have a Sheaffer PFM Fountain Pen: Sheaffer PFM pens are ALWAYS Snorkel filling - a snorkel tube extends from the feed behind the nib. PFM's have Sheaffer inlaid nibs. If you think you have a PFM and it does not have a Snorkel tube in the nib OR if it it uses cartridges, then you most likely have a Sheaffer Imperial which has the overall look of a PFM, but is smaller in size. Imperials are touchdown or cartridge/converter filling.

  • PFM I: Plastic cap and barrel, chrome trim, Pd-Ag (Palladium)inlaid nib.
  • PFM II: Brushed steel cap, plastic barrel, Pd-Ag (Palladium) inlaid nib.
  • PFM III: Plastic cap and barrel, gold filled trim, 14 KT gold inlaid nib.
  • PFM IV: Polished Steel cap, gold filled trim, plastic barrel, gold filled trim, 14 KT gold inlaid nib.
  • PFM V: Gold filled cap, plastic barrel, 14 KT gold inlaid nib.
  • PFM VI: Gold filled cap and barrel, 14 KT gold inlaid nib.
  • PFM VII: 14 KT gold cap, plastic barrel, 14 KT gold inlaid nib.
  • PFM VIII: 14 KT gold cap, barrel and inlaid nib.
  • Masterpiece PFM Autograph: Plastic cap and barrel, 14 KT gold cap, trim and inlaid nib.


Touchdown & Snorkel Pens & Pencils

Fineliner Pens & Pencils

Fineliners are classic Sheaffer pencils that many people are quick to recognize. Great writers, dependable and just hard to beat!Sheaffer Fineliner Pencils. Sheaffer "TX" Mechanical Pencils are a slimmer version of the Fineliner with a single solid color (no mother of pearl look). Also very sturdy, utilitarian pencils.

SHF-FL-342  $10

Sheaffer nib units for Sheaffer Fineliner Fountain Pens, No. 342.  polished steel, medium point Several available at time of listing.  

SHF-FL-343 $10

Sheaffer nib units for Sheaffer Fineliner Fountain Pens, No. 342.  polished steel, fine point Several available at time of listing.  

Lady Sheaffer Skripsert

1959 Lady Sheaffer catalog from our private collection. It is actually more of a large brochure and contains 6 pages showing all of the patterns of the regular production Lady Sheaffer Skripsert fountain pens and pencils made to that date. Lady Sheaffers were given a Roman Numeral designation as well a name for each pattern. Click here to view catalog.



Targa Pens

The Sheaffer Targa was named after Targa Florio, a sports car race held for many decades in Sicily. Many, many Targa models in a wide range of finishes were produced from 1976-1999.

SH1707 $80

Sheaffer RB - Targa Rollerball Demonstrator Pen - a bit out of the ordinary with chain attached! This pen was intended for dealers to use in their Targa displays. Brand new, these came to us in the original plastic sleeves, never made it the dealer display! Full sized all stainless steel Targa RB, polished chrome clip with white dot. Chain is permanently attached to the back of cap and measures 27 inches long. Cap does not remove, also permanently attached! We'll include the original refill that was with the pen, but is dry, plus a new refill that you can actually write with if you choose to do so! Mint condition.

SH4264 $25

Sheaffer Targa Desk Set Style Mechanical Pencil, totally cylindrical mechanical pencil for a Targa Desk set, white dot at top of pencil. Black finish. Twist to extend and retract 0.9mm diameter lead.  Measure 6 inches long.  One small mark prox 3mm area just below trim ring otherwise in excellent condition.



Crest Pens

The Sheaffer Crest was introduced in 1991, reminiscent of the Sheaffer Triumph series from the 1940s. The Crests were fitted with Sheaffer's famous "Triumph" conical wrap around nibs, some of the smoothest writing nibs made.

  Sorry, none available at this time



  Sorry, none available at this time


Fashion Pens & Pencils - Sheaffer Fashion

SH4661 $50

Sheaffer “Perfect Sample” Fashion Ballpoint Cap and Barrel from the Sheaffer factory “Paint Room”. 1990. This is just the cap and barrel, no guts, no clip, no refill.  Kept in Quality Control as a “Perfect Sample” to compare this Dusty Rose finish. Attached is a marking tag that is handwritten and reads on side 1: “Paint Room” and on the other side: “2330 FBP 645 Preferred finish, texture and color of FBP 65 Dusty Rose. 9/19/90  D. Hauck.” Measures 4 7/8 inches long. (1 avail)

OF NOTE: David Hauck was a design engineer at Sheaffer and indeed was involved in the design of the PFM amongst other projects. Mr. Hauck passed away in 1995. We never met Mr. Hauck, but knew his wife, Shirley who lived nearby. Shirley kept this amazing scrapbook filled with remembrances of her husband’s work at Sheaffer, especially lots of info on PFM development. We sat in her living room many an evening with her paging through the scrapbook and reminiscing. Shirley passed away in 2018. Fond memories. 


Triumph Imperial Pens & Pencils

No Nonsense & Related Pens

Sheaffer made No Nonsense Pens for many years with the threaded cap which many people find preferable to their newer style of Viewpoint with a friction fit cap. Designs ranged from plain black to some pretty wild designs. The nice thing about No Nonsense pens is that they truly are no nonsense pens and write first time, every time, very reliable. Also in the No Nonsense section you will find related pens such as Viewpoints and the Guys and Dolls series when they are available.


SH4272 $100

I should clarify that this is most likely NOT a tool to fix No Nonsense pen, but a tool made to fit into a NoNonsense pen to be used in the factory. Just as pens are great tools for writing, a pen barrel and cap make a perfect vehicle for a tool, easy to keep in a worker’s pocket and lots of space in the barrel for the tool. This black No Nonsense has a steel stylus on the nib end and when you unscrew the barrel, a round diamond shaped steel file is inside. The barrel has some light surface wear. The cap has more surface wear and a deep, small indentation just to the right of the clip ball. Measures 5 3/8 inches long. My gut tells me this was most likely a tool for a machine in the factory, not a tool for working on a pen. Interesting piece from the former factory in Fort Madison, Iowa.

SH-NN-IT-M-7 $30

Sheaffer No Nonsense, Brown cap and barrel, bright chrome clip and trim. USA. Cartridge/converter fill, Sheaffer Skrip Cartridge included, Sheaffer piston style converter sold separately. Medium Italic Nib.

SH-NN-IT-B-9 $30

Sheaffer No Nonsense, Marigold cap and barrel, bright chrome clip and trim. USA.  Cartridge/converter fill, Sheaffer Skrip Cartridge included. Sheaffer piston style converter sold separately. Broad Italic Nib.


SH-NN-IT-B-10 $30

Sheaffer No Nonsense, White cap and barrel, bright chrome clip and trim. USA. Cartridge/converter fill, Sheaffer Skrip Cartridge included, Sheaffer piston style converter sold separately. Broad Italic Nib.

SH4645 $30

Sheaffer No Nonsense Fountain Pen, USA, black cap and barrel, bright steel clip and trim, clip is engraved Sheaffer.  Sheaffer polished steel calligraphy nib is a firm fine crisp italic  point. Measures 5.25 inches long. Sheaffer proprietary cartridge included. Sheaffer piston style converter sold separately. Excellent condition.


No Nonsense

SH4626 $25

Sheaffer Three Piece Ballpoint Pen Set, ca. 1970s, USA, Salesman Sample Kit. Includes: 1 dark blue ballpoint printed:  Sample 101 Ballpoint in white, 1 white No Nonsense Ballpoint printed; Sample 700 No Nonsense Ballpoint in red and 1 medium blue Reminder Clip Ballpoint in medium blue printed Sheaffer Item # B59 with prices ranging from 150 to 5000 quantity,  All pens in this 3 piece set in very good condition except for some light corrosion to the clip and band on the solid medium blue pen. Fresh refills installed. In original brown box, but note that there is no lid on the box.     


Balance II


Legacy Heritage Pens




Intrigue Pens

  Sorry, none available at this time

Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pens

We think one of Sheaffer's most practical inventions ever was the "Reminder Clip" ballpoint pen. Depress the clip and the point extends. But, you must click it again to make the point retract and open the clip back up in order to clip it in your pocket. No chance of an ink stain ever with this handy little invention. The clip doesn't open, unless the refill is retracted. Sadly, Reminder Clip ballpens are no longer made. We try to round these up whenever we can because they are still very popular today.

SH4560  $20 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, burgundy barrel, bright lined chrome cap.  Push clip down to extend refill, push again to retract refill. Uses current production Sheaffer BP refills, fresh refill installed.  Oval advertising medallion on clip in oval shape for Peterbilt Trucks. Imprint on barrel in silver: Idaho Peterbilt, Inc Federal Way Hwy 30E  Boise Idaho. Measures 5.25 inches long. Very good condition. 


SH4570  $15 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, white barrel, bright lined chrome cap. Push clip down to extend refill, push again to retract refill. Uses current production Sheaffer BP refills, fresh refill installed. Clip is engraved: Sheaffer’s. Barrel printed in red and black: Here, Use My Sheaffer David A Burrus (in script) The Burrus Company Business Promotions – Advertising Specialties 512 Columbia Burlington, Iowa Telephone 319-752-1918. Measures 5.25 inches long. Very good condition.


SH4157  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, Dark Blue barrel, bright lined chrome cap with slanted top, Click clip to extend refill, click again to retract refill. Clip is marked Sheaffer. Barrel Imprint in silver: Tordon Miller Chemical Co Omaha – Des Moines - Peoria Very good condition


SH4589  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, Bright black barrel, bright lined chrome cap, perpetual calendar, Click clip to extend refill, click again to retract refill. Clip is marked Sheaffer, Very Good Condition. (several avail at time of listing) 


SH4597  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, medium blue barrel, lined bright chrome cap. Clip is engraved Sheaffer. Push clip to extend and retract refill. Very good condition. Several available at time of listing. 


SH4598  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint pen, black barrel, lined bright chrome cap. Clip is engraved Sheaffer. Push clip to extend and retract refill. Very good condition Several available at time of listing. 


SH4599  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint pen, medium green barrel, lined bright chrome cap. Clip is engraved Sheaffer. Push clip to extend and retract refill. Very good condition Several available at time of listing.


SH4600  $25 

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint pen, white barrel, lined bright chrome cap. Clip is engraved Sheaffer. Push clip to extend and retract refill. Very good condition Several available at time of listing.


SH4623  $30

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen with Perpetual Calendar, Dark green barrel, bright steel lined cap with Reminder Clip, Click clip to extend and retract Sheaffer ballpoint refill. Measures 5 1/8 inches long. Clip is marked Sheaffer. We’ll include a fresh Sheaffer BP refill with proper top piece to operate the reminder clip function.When you change the BP refill down the line, you’ll need to remove the top piece and place on your fresh refill. 

SH4663  $25

Sheaffer Reminder Clip Ballpoint Pen, USA, ca. late 1960s – early 1970s, bright Kelly green barrel, lined bright steel cap. Click cap to extend Sheaffer ballpoint refill, click again to retract.  Measures 5.25 inches long.  Uses standard Sheaffer BP refills, fresh refill included.  Very good condition.


Miscellaneous & Collectible Ballpoint Pens

SH2799 $20

Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpen, USA, dark green plastic barrel, stainless steel cap and barrel, polished steel clip and clicker button. Pen measures 5 3/16 inches long. Push button at top to extend and retract current production Sheaffer ballpoint refills. Nice enough for every day use when you must have a ballpen. Perfect little gifts for friends who need to take a couple steps up from that disposable pen in their pocket! New condition.

SH2934 $25

Sheaffer DeltaGrip Commemorative Retirement Pen – Printed on barrel in white Sheaffer Retirement Dinner September 1988. DeltaGrip ballpoint in bright red with black clip and trim. Measures 5.25 inches long. Uses current production Sheaffer BP refills, fresh one installed. For many years, Sheaffer Pen held an annual retirement dinner and all in attendance would receive a special pen like this one. Very good condition.

SH3007 $40

Sheaffer Agio Ballpoint Pen – ca. early 2000s. Made in Fort Madison, Iowa. Barely Brown (a light cocoa color), bright gold electroplated clip with white dot at the top of clip. Uses Sheaffer current production ballpoint refills, a fresh refill is installed. Twist to extend and retract refill. Measures 5.25 inches long. Excellent condition.

SH3040 $20

Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s, Made in Fort Madison, Iowa. Dark green barrel, matte chrome cap with bright chrome clip. Push button to extend and retract current production Sheaffer ballpoint refill. Measures 5.25 inches long. Barrel is printed: Old Fort Day Ft. Madison, Iowa July 15, 1998 Very good condition.

SH3042 $25

Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s, Made in Fort Madison, Iowa. Matte chrome cap and barrel, bright chrome clip. Push button to extend and retract current production Sheaffer ballpoint refill. Measures 5.25 inches long. Very good condition.

SH3353 $20

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, ivory barrel with NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National Drivers logo in red with black and white checkerboard flag, smooth finish chrome cap with the sleek curved reminder clip to extend and retract current production Sheaffer BP refill. Sheaffer is not engraved anywhere on this pen which is unusual and leads me to think perhaps this was an early example of the curved reminder clip. Measures 5 5/16 inches long. Excellent condition.

SH3355 $20

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. early 1970s, white barrel with Freightliner trucks logo in black. Top two thirds of cap is smooth chrome, bottom third is lined chrome, clicker button on top to extend and retract current production Sheaffer BP refill. Streamlined curved chrome clip is marked Sheaffer. Excellent condition.

SH4269  $15

Sheaffer Utility Style Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1970s, dark blue barrel, bright steel cap and clip, clip is engraved Sheaffer. Click top button to extend and retract Sheaffer ballpoint refill, fresh refill installed. Slim profile pen measures 5 5/8 inches long. Excellent condition.Two available at time of listing!  


SH4290  $40

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1950s, USA, clear barrel, bright smooth chrome cap with wide clip engraved Sheaffer'S. Push button at top to extend and retract refill. This would be an early push button model, the button is attached to a long cylinder that activates the refill. We'll include a modified Sheaffer BP refill for future use. Measures 5.25 inches long. Unusual and in very good condition.


SH4592  $20 

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, Medium Blue, bright chrome cap, push button to extend and retract refill.  Clip is marked Sheaffer, Very Good Condition. 


SH4593  $20 

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, Mint Green, bright chrome cap has triangular flat sides, push button to extend and retract refill.  Clip is marked SheafferS, Very Good Condition.


SH4594  $20 

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, bright Red, bright chrome cap has triangular flat sides, push button to extend and retract refill.  Clip is marked SheafferS, Very Good Condition. 


SH4595  $20 

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, Dark Red, bright chrome cap has triangular flat sides, push button to extend and retract refill.  Clip is marked SheafferS, Very Good Condition.


SH4576  $10

Sheaffer Push Button Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, Black barrel, polished bright steel cap, clip and push button, barrel is marked: Sheaffer Made in USA. Top of clip has the stylized S. Click button to extend and retract current production Sheaffer BP refill, fresh refill installed. Measures 5 5/8 inches long. Slim profile. Very good condition.  

SH4629  $25

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. early 1960s – marked Sheaffer’s on the clip, flat roughly triangular shaped panels on each side of cap, the clicker button is flat, burgundy barrel.  Click button to extend and retract Sheaffer BP refill.  Measures 5 3/8 inches long.  While at first glance it looks like many other Sheaffer BP pens, it has a very distinctive design and is not often seen.  Excellent condition. 


Misc. Pencils

SH3315 $20

Sheaffer Sentinel Mechanical Pencil - USA. Brushed stainless steel with gold electroplated clip and trim, white dot at top of clip. Click to extend 0.7mm diameter lead, manual repel. Measures 5 5/16 inches long. Mint condition.

SH4652 $150

Sheaffer’S snap close pen case, ca. 1930s, two copies of correspondence dated 1937 and 13 wood lead tubes marked October 1937 with lead grades.  There is no lead in the wood tubes.  One full sized sheet is from Ned Fish who was a Sheaffer employee to Mr. Lindemon dated October 18, 1937 and is regards to M.A. Ferst in Atlanta Ga.  I think this letter and the other half sheet is from W.H. Lindemon to Mr. Mekemson dated Oct 12, 1937 with additional handwritten dates of 10-14-37 and Oct 8 37.  Basically what is here are two letters (not original letters, but file copies of original letters between Sheaffer and Ferst which was a pencil lead maker in Atlanta.  The correspondence revolves around Ferst providing samples of the pencil leads and correspondence that the lead grades in the samples were not the same as previous lead grades received.  The wood lead tubes are in an old pen box, black leatherette with dark purple satin lining on inside of snap close lid printed:  SheafferS Lifetime Fountain Pen.  No pens, just the wood lead tubes are stored in this box.  Hinge on the box is very worn as are the edges of box.  It seems logical that this box had noting to do with pencil leads, but was used to hold the Ferst sample tubes.   Should you decide this would be a nice period pen box for your Sheaffer 1930s Lifetime Pens and Pencils.  This is not a recent acquisition, but a part of a collection of Sheaffer related things acquired when we lived in Fort Madison.


Misc. Fountain Pens

SH4567 $25

Sheaffer School Fountain Pen, ca. 1960s, solid red barrel, lined chrome cap with pointed end, Sheaffer engraved on the clip. Polished steel nib is marked: Sheaffer M Made in USA, firm medium point. Cartridge fill ONLY - converters will not fit in the barrel, one Sheaffer cartridge included. Measures 5 inches long. Very good condition. 

SH4616 $30

Sheaffer School Cartridge opaque white Fountain Pen,  Pointed ends, smooth steel cap, Sheaffer is marked on clip. Polished steel nib is marked Sheaffer’s 305 and is a firm medium point. Measures 4 7/8 inches long. Uses Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges, two cartridges included. Very good condition. 

SH4607 $15

Sheaffer Slim Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil Set in original box, ca. 1960s, USA, dark green barrels, bright polished chrome caps, Ballpoint is slim style and measures 5.25 inches long, Mechanical Pencil is also slim style and measures 5 3/8 inches long. Fresh refill included with BP pen, Pencil uses 0.9mm diameter leads. New in box.


SH4643 $25

Sheaffer Cartridge Filling School Fountain Pen, ca. 1960s, solid bright red barrel. Black section, Polished lined steel cap with pointed cap end, clip is marked Sheaffer.  Sheaffer polished steel nib is a firm fine point. Measures 5 inches long. Sheaffer cartridge included. This FP does NOT accept converter. Very good condition.



SH4288 $85

Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. late 1940s, USA. Onyx base in bright white, very pale grey and just a hint of light caramel veining. Brown pen holder with single gold filled band swivels 360 degrees. Brown fountain desk pen with visulated section.  Fit with solid 14KT gold nib marked: Sheaffer’s Feather Touch Made in USA 5 14KT, firm medium point.  FP is Touchdown filling – fills only from a bottle. Base measures 7 x 4.5 inches. Original Sheaffer label on base indicates this is Model 20M and lists all the variations this desk set was available in. No chips or nicks to the onyx base and the desk style fountain pen is in very good condition. 


Sheaffer Memorabilia

Sheaffer'S Review Company Magazines

Sheaffer started publishing Reviews at the beginning of World War II. So many of their male employees went off to war, that the Reviews began as a way of keeping everyone in touch with fellow employees and family members during the war. The Sheaffer Review continued as an in house employee newsletter through the 1960s, sometime in the 1970s the title changed to Sheaffer Eaton Times for a brief period, then was re-named Face to Face. Sheaffer Ink replaced Face to Face sometime in the 1990s. One thing that we are always reminded of when we page through these old company magazines is how employee and family oriented Sheaffer Pen was. Picnics, sports teams and leagues, birthday celebrations - Sheaffer was indeed a huge family oriented organization. And we mustn't forget any special occasion was a reason for lots of good homemade food, indeed that tradition seems to continue in Fort Madison where food always pulls people together! All issues listed below are in very good condition unless otherwise noted.

SR-005 $5

Sheaffer's Review, October 1949 - Barge on the Mississippi cover photo, Personnel Department, 1949 Family Picnic, Meet Grant Olson Export Manager since 1931, Distinguished Athletes and more. Very well worn cover.

SR-012 $15

Sheaffer's Review, May 1951 - Daffodil photo cover, A Place for Everything in Central Filing, Be an Expert on Ink Stain Removal, Two Admirals Get Together, Your Watchmen, New Bowling Officers.

SR-014 $15

Sheaffer's Review, October 1951, Country Autumn Scene cover, Sheaffer National Advertising Program Helps Make Your Job Secure, Canadian Plant Offers Northern Hospitality, Employee's Park in Expert Hands, Nylons for Audrey, The Paycheck You Never See.

SR-015 $15

Sheaffer's Review, July 1952, Children at Employee's Park cover, Employee's Park Popular Hot Summer Days, You Can Enjoy Your Hours Off Family Style, Medical Dept, Up the Sheaffer Ladder - Jack Finley, Sheaffer People in St Louis.

SR-020 $15

Sheaffer's Review, January 1954, Quality check on nib weight on the cover, LH Black named head of Canadian Plant, Goings On focus on Mt Pleasant Plant, Christmas around the plant, Courtesy Pays, W.A. Shaver Pen Club (not a typo!), Skrip spill in LaHarpe.

SR-021 $15

Sheaffer's Review, July 1954,Mt Pleasant Fineline Potluck on cover, Sheaffer Merchandising Clinic, Open House at Sheaffer Tool and Die, 24 Employees complete Industrial Firefighting Training, Softball Team News, Chocolate Creme Pie Recipe.

SR-023 $15

Sheaffer's Review, April 1956, Export Convention Photo on cover, New Skrip Spells Trouble for Forgers, Goings On, Operation Skrip Lift, You're Safer at Sheaffer'S, Nine Receive Service Awards from John D Sheaffer.

SR-025 $15

Sheaffer's Review, June 1956, Young Girls Read Sheaffer Catalog on cover, Sheaffer sets Domestic Sales Record, Photo of new Skrip Loading Dock, Financial Mirror: Sheaffer Vs. Parker, Australian TV Contract, Craig Sheaffer receives Distinguished Public Service Navy Award.

SR-026 $15

Sheaffer's Review, July 1956, Export Convention Photo on cover, Vacation Snapshots Contest, Crossroads of the World Picnic, Tee Party Sheaffer Employee Golf Tournament.

SR-027 $15

Sheaffer's Review, August 1956, Fort Madison Rodeo Parade photo on cover, Norman Crabtree to Head Sheaffer England, Goings On, Women's Travel Club Visits the East, Sheaffer's Goodwill Ambassadors.

SR-029 $15

Sheaffer's Review, October-November 1957, W.A. Sheaffer II signs papers to acquire Maico cover photo, Goings On, Retired Employees Reunion, Turkey and Trimmings photos, $16,000 Contributed to Community Chest.

SR-030 $5

Sheaffer's Review, April 1959, Testing an Electronic Hearing Aid cover, Maico - Craftsmanship in Electronics, Modern Hearing Aids are Miniature Electronic Marvels, New Machine Developed for Imprinting Ballpoint Cartridges, What about Taxes? Bad spot on front cover.

SR-031 $15

Sheaffer's Review, January 1960, Tool & Die Employee uses precision jig grinder cover, Veteran Employees Honored, Tool & Die Division Makes Progress in Competitive Industry, Review Camera Visits Christmas Party, WASPCO Council, Employee Question: Which kind of writing instrument do you prefer, fountain pen or ballpoint pen?, Handwriting Posters.

SR-033 $15

Sheaffer's Review, April-May 1960, Sheaffer Ballpoint Packaging front cover, Marketing Reorganization, Specialization is Required in Quality Pen Field, High Water at Plant 2.

SR-035 $15

Sheaffer's Review, July 1960, New Sheaffer Plane on front cover, You Can Do Something About Inflation, Review Camera on the Avalon Mississippi River Cruise, Employee Rides in Company Planes, Employee lines at the Time Clock.

SR-036 $15

Sheaffer's Review, September 1960, Sheaffer Rodeo Parade Float on cover, Sales Offices HQ for Western Region in Los Angeles, Anatomy of an Ad Program, Government in Business, Coffee Breaks Waning.

SR-037 $15

Sheaffer's Review, October 1960, Two new Employees Register to Vote on cover, Tax Revision - The Key to More And Better Jobs, Major Medial Plan, The NSOEA Convention, Retired Employees are Guests for Luncheon in Cafeteria, Southern Region HQ in Dallas.

SR-038 $15

Sheaffer's Review, January 1961, Sheaffer Employee Top Woman Bowler on cover, Compact Cartridge, Ballpoint with Reminder Clip Head List of New Products, Nathan Zepell Inventor of the Reminder Clip, Review Camera at the Christmas Party, Retail Group maps '61 Programs.

SR-039 $15

Sheaffer's Review, February 1961, Skrip Cartridge Machine on cover, Recessions, The National Goal and Freedom, Spring Programs Set, Martian Stars on TV, Sheaffer Eastern HQ in NYC.

SR-040 $15

Sheaffer's Review, March-April 1961, Reception Area in Main Lobby cover, Thousands Meet Us Each Year at Switchboard Area, What's Your Telephone Know-How?, Special Marketing Review, Employees Review Use of Calculators.

SR-041 $15

Sheaffer's Review, May-June 1961, Camp Fire Girls on cover, Popular Price Division Announces Fall Plans, Sheaffer Families Active in Fine Youth Program, Six New Sales Promotion Firms, Sheaffer Bowling Champions, Nine New Tour Guides Selected.

SR-042 $15

Sheaffer's Review, July-August 1961, Sheaffer Sponsored Little League Team on cover, Tribute to Craig Sheaffer 1897 - 1961, Payroll Extras, Review Camera at the Picnic, Committee Chairmen Plan Picnic.

SR-043 $15

Sheaffer's Review, September - October 1961, Competitors' Products on cover, Competition at Point of Sale, Spotlighting Sheaffer Jobs, Holiday Promotions Launched.

SR-045 $15

Sheaffers Review, January - February 1962, Young Valentines on cover, President's Report from W.A. Sheaffer II, Stiff Foreign Competition, Spotlighting Sheaffer Jobs, WASPCO Council, Service Anniversaries.

SR-046 $15

Sheaffers Review, March - April 1962, Tool Dept in 1952 and 1962 cover, The Way to Stay in Business New Methods, Better Machines, Spotlighting Sheaffer Jobs, Emphasis on Cartridge Pens & Reminder BPs in Spring Programs, 25th Maico Anniversary.

SR-047 $15

Sheaffers Review, May-June 1962, Swing Your Pardner on cover, President's Report by W.A. Sheaffer II, Successful Open House Held in Canada, Sales Meeting Highlights, Square Dancing added to Employee Activities, Swedish Dealers visit Fort Madison, Dan Berrier, Chief Pilot.

SR-048 $15

Sheaffers Review, July-August 1962, Playground at Annual Picnic, Three 10-Ton Molding Machines Moved to Plant 2, Annual Picnic, Men's Golf Tourney, Marketing Review - Scholar Dollar Specials, Foreign Exchange Students Tour Plant.

SR-049 $15

Sheaffers Review, September-October 1962, Profit Sharing Check Distributed on cover, President's Report by W.A. Sheaffer II, Newest Affiliate is South America's Top Pen Manufacturer, Permanent Tour Guide Hired, Rural Urban Day - Area Businessmen and Farmers visit plant, Marketing Review - Programs Launched, Service Anniversaries.

SR-053 $15

Sheaffers Review, May-June 1963, Golf at Sheaffer Memorial Park cover, The Target we Can't Miss, Are Profits Too High?, Organized Job Improvement Program is Launched, Company Honored by American Airlines.

SR-054 $15

Sheaffers Review, July-August 1963, 50th Anniversary Dinner at Chamber on cover, Company Honored at Chamber Dinner Program, Anniversary Photo Feature, Italian Distributor Visits Fort Madison.

SR-056 $15

Sheaffers Review, January-February 1964, Plastic Fab Employees and Lampe Drug on cover, Unnecessary Costs are Prime Target in 64, Management Sessions Completed, Plaque Presented to First Dealer - Missouri Store Co Columbia, All Company Party Attracts Large Crowd, New $1 Ballpoint Introduced.

SR-058 $10

Sheaffer Eaton Times, Spring 1977 - Norman Rockwell Sheaffer Painting, History of the Eaton Paper Group, Women at Work, We Need Your Ideas To Fill A Gap - PIP program. Published in Pittsfield.

SR-061 $10

Face to Face, September 1978 - Holding $21K gold bar, World Wide Introduction for Rolling Ball, Face to Face with Accounting, American Economic System and Your Part in It, Reviewing the Contract - Overtime Distribution, Textron Merit Scholarship Program.

SR-063 $10

Face to Face, May 1979 - Managers from Sheaffer Worldwide Subsidiaries Meet in Fort Madison, Sheaffer Among Top Textron Energy Savers, Carpooling Q's and A's, Joseph Dixon - A Remarkable Man.

SR-064 $10

Face to Face, August 1980 - How Textron Spends Its Sales Dollar, 42% Sign Up for Payroll Savings, Pip Awards and savings to Sheaffer, Softball Sheaffer Style, Retiree Bus Trips.

SR-067 $10

Face to Face, July 1984 - No Nonsense Gremlins, Sheaffer Eaton Earns Iowa Safety Award, 520 Sign Up for Payroll Savings, Lots of Retirement and Anniversary photos, 49 Employees with perfect attendance in 1983.

SR-068 $10

Face to Face, October 1984 -Quality - The View From Europe, Five New Quality Circles Meeting Here, Vendor Appreciation Night, Retirements and Anniversaries.

SR-069 $10

Face to Face, December 1984 -PIP - Performance Improvement Program, Quality and Business Plan by Dick Canella, Grand Opening for Central Distribution Warehouse, New Products.

SR-071 $10

Face to Face, August 1985 - Message to Employees from Dick Canella, Quality Way of Life, What's Going On, Retirements and Anniversaries, David Sallen Collection of the Month Face to Face, May 1985.

SR-073 $10

Face to Face, Spring 1986 - 137 Years of Perfect Attendance, Search for Excellence Quality Circle Profile: Ship Date or Break, Interview with Don Fore, Distribution Flow Chart.

SR-074 $10

Face to Face, Summer 1986 - Viewpoint by Don Fore, Savings Bond Drive Sets New Record, Vendor Quality Program, Quality Circle Leader Training, 1986 Picnic Photos, Pen Pals Meet After 22 Years, Self-Concept.

SR-075 $10

Sheaffer Ink, August 1997 - Human Resources Dept, Sheaffer Employees in RAGBRAI XXV, Stress Strategies for the Workplace, Trudy's KAIZEN Duties, Return Merchandise Department.

SR-076 $10

Sheaffer Ink, September 1997 - Stress, Getting Better by Continuous Improvement, KAIZEN News, Where Creativeness Begins, Achieving Results.

Sheaffer Pen Co Employee Service Pins

Sheaffer always treated their employees well and one of the things they did was give each employee a Service Pin or medallion on five year anniversaries. Men received a lapel pin, women received a medallion for a necklace. Needless to say, the five and ten year pins are more common than the 20, 25 and higher year pins. I've only seen a couple of 45-Year pins and have been told there were two 50-Year pins awarded, but no firm proof of that. If you find a 50-Year pin, I'd love to see it! You might also find in our listings below some special Sheaffer award pins that were given to employees.

MM-SHF-406 $10

Sheaffer - Crownmark Lapel Pin, bright gold plated (or brass?) finished pin measures 1 x .25 inches.

Sheaffer Engraving Dies

These steel engraving dies were used to print the Sheaffer name on cap bands in the 1970s - 1980s. The actual dies vary a little in size, but are all about 1 x 1.25 inches. All came from the Sheaffer factory in Fort Madison, Iowa and are just one of the odd and unusual items we purchased at the Sheaffer equipment auction in February 2007. A nice little historical trinket from the days when Sheaffers were made in Fort Madison.

Your Choice - $20 each. Limited Supplies Available!

SHF-DIE-2 $20

Sheaffer 2

Sheaffer USA

SHF-DIE-5 $20

Sheaffer 5

Sheaffer USA Sheaffer USA Sheaffer USA, Repeats 3 times

SHF-DIE-7 $20

Sheaffer 7

USA Sheaffer Gold Electroplated, No crown logo

SHF-DIE-8 $20

Sheaffer 8

23K Gold Electroplate Sheaffer USA

SHF-DIE-11 $20

Sheaffer 11


SHF-DIE-12 $20

Sheaffer 12


SHF-DIE-13 $20

Sheaffer 13

Gold electroplated


Sheaffer Paintings Exhibit - Commemorative Poster

SHF-POSTER Sheaffer Commemorative Poster $10

Sheaffer Art Exhibit Poster. During the month of November 2005, 13 original works of art by distinguished artists Andrew Loomis, Coles Phillips, Frederic Mizen, John Newton Howitt and Lester Bentley were exhibited at the Fort Madison Art Center. These paintings were commissioned by Sheaffer Pen from the 1920s - 1940s and had never before left the halls of Sheaffer headquarters in Fort Madison, Iowa.

50 posters were made for the exhibit and all proceeds from the posters go to the Fort Madison Art Center who graciously sponsored the Sheaffer Paintings exhibit.

The poster measures 11 x 17 and is printed in full color on heavy gloss stock. The photo featured is by Andrew Loomis.

MM379 $25

Sheaffer Prelude Brass ID Tag, engraved: Prelude Stencil, 1 inch diameter. This tag was once attached to a paint screen in the Sheaffer Paint Room in Fort Madison Sheaffer factory. Makes a great key chain for Sheaffer collectors!


P723 $10

Sheaffer postcard, 1954, full color photo of Sheaffer headquarters in Fort Madison, Iowa. Measures 3.5x5.5 inches. Mint, unused condition.

P796 Sheaffer Binder $5

Sheaffer Pen Co. Binder, Int'l. Sales Manual - Three ring gold vinyl binder imprinted with white dot and Sheaffer The Proud Craftsmen and International Sales Manual. Holds standard three hole punch 8.5x11 inch papers. The perfect binder to use to keep track of your pen collection. Ca. mid-1980s. New condition.

MM-SHF-428 $20

Sheaffer Key Ring - Dark blue medallion has Sheaffer logo with white dot on one side, the reverse side reads: Sheaffer Retirement Dinner 1990. Medallion measures 1.75 inches diameter. Even if you weren't able to go to the retirement dinner in 1990, now you can pretend! A nice little Sheaffer collectible.

SH3189 $12

Sheaffer Note Cards by Jim Knapp - Jim Knapp is an amazingly talented Fort Madison artist who has created all sorts of prints and note cards mostly from photos he takes or old images he finds in local archives. He sketches in pencil, outlines in India Ink then finishes the print with watercolors. Final products are printed by Dodd Printing in Fort Madison. This is a set of six fold over note cards and envelopes includes three of each of the two designs. Three Sheaffer factory with Burlington Route train and three Sheaffer family portrait with old and new Sheaffer factories. Each card measures 4.25 x 3.5 inches and comes with a bright white envelope.

SH4212 $20

Sheaffer Tool Used in Clip Application and Removal to cap, heavy steel, measures 4.25 inches long.  Narrow 2 inch long slit in the center of tool going lengthwise.  Total length is 4 inches. Several available. 


SH4224  $20

Sheaffer Tool Used in Clip Application and Removal to cap, heavy steel, measures 4.25 inches long.  Narrow 2 inch long slit in the center of tool going lengthwise. Top piece is solid brass, long section is steel. Total length is 4 inches. Several available.

SH4030  $65

Sheaffer Pen Display Tray, ca. 1950s, solid brass with SheafferS embossed at back of tray.  Designed to hold boxed Sheaffer pens, however you could add a slotter tray to hold individual pens and pencils.  Measures 13.5 inches across, 8 inches deep,  Height at rear is 1.5 inches, height at front is one half inch. Shows some use and could stand a good polishing, but overall very nice.  Original pen display trays with maker markings are not easy to find these days. 

SH4031 $50

Sheaffer Pen Display Tray, ca. 1950s, metal with applied molded plastic  in ivory with brown end pieces, Sheaffer'S across lower front edge of tray. Designed to hold boxed Sheaffer pens in two divided rows.  Measures 13 inches across, 7 1/8 inches deep.  Height at rear is 1.5 inches, height at front is 3/4 inches. Shows normal wear, except for the front right lower corner where apparently someone in the past  scraped off about a 1/2 x 3/4 inch of the ivory finish. Original pen display trays with maker markings are not easy to find these days.

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