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Updated November 9, 2019

Every pen deserves a good home! After all, you can only use three or four at one time! We offer a nice selection of pen cases, cabinets and other doo-dads, both old and new, as well as an ever changing selection of vintage pen trays, pen stands and other unusual desk top holders for your pens.

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Vintage Items to Hold Your Pens

S707 $50

Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s, clear pressed glass base with pressed dot pattern in base. Holds up to 18 dip pens in it's springy center spring. Sometimes people refer to these as note or memo holders, but they are catalogued as Dip Pen Holders. 4.25 x 2 inches, height to top of spring is 2 1/8 inches. This pressed glass base is in very good condition. The spring, as you can see in the photo, is still springy but not as level as it was when made about 100 years ago. Heavy base keeps this dip pen holder well balanced.

S824 $20

Clear Pressed and Etched Pen Tray, 10 x 4.75 inches. Awesome pressed and etched starburst in the base with etched framed flourishes all around the edge) Writing instruments shown in photo are not included. Excellent condition.

S826 $15

Clear Pressed Glass Pen Tray, 8.5 x 4 inches. Curved edge, pressed star patterns on base and sides. Just waiting to hold the “star” pens in your collection! Writing instruments shown in photo are not included. Excellent condition.

S872  $15

Hobnail Pen Tray - Clear glass pen tray has a pressed hobnail pattern on the exterior of the bottom of the tray, the interior where your pen will rest is smooth.  There is decorative gold plating on the two handles at each end and just a hint of the plating on the rim. Outside measurements are 8.25 x 3 7/8 inches.  Holds pens up to 5.75 inches long.  Some of the gold plating is starting to wear on the high points, otherwise very good condition. Pen shown in in photo is not included. Several available at time of listing)

S1012  $15

Vintage clear pressed glass pen tray, diamond shapes pressed in base and sides, ripple edge. This larger glass pen tray measures 5 1/8 x 9.5 inches and will easily hold 5-6 fountain pens or a few more dip pens. No nicks or chips and in excellent condition. Pen shown in photo not included.

S1015  $20

Clear heavy glass pen tray, measures 7 3/8 x 3.75 inches. This tray was originally a part of one of those huge antique dental cabinets. Very sturdy and just “write” for several of your favorite pens and pencils. Perfect condition. Several available at time of listing. Pen shown in photo not included.


S1019  $40

Retrofit vintage Silverware Chest – Holds up to 38 Pens. Vintage silverware chest, Dark reddish wood finish with recessed accent line around the lid edges.  Original lining is a gorgeous pink with white satin pleated accents on the underside of the lid.  Don’t believe we’ve ever seen a pink lined silverware chest before! The original darker pink knife loops could hold very thin diameter pens or pencils. Lower section of box is lined with light grey pen slots and will hold 19 pens or a max of 19 pens 5.25 inches in length or a max of 38 pens less than 5.25 inches in length. Overall size is 10.75 x 14 inches, height is 3 inches. Just a few light wear marks, otherwise very good condition.  Pens shown in photo not included.

S1028  $15

Vintage clear pressed glass pen tray, oval shape measures 6.75 x 3 3/8 inches at widest points.  Beautiful star burst pattern pressed into the base.  No nicks or chips and in excellent condition. Pens shown in photo not included.

PT-WHT  $15


White Porcelain Pen Tray, Flared corners give it a very modern look, marked on the base: Sant Andre Royal Porcelain. Measures 8 1/4 x 3 1/8 inches, space at bottom will hold 2 or 3 pens up to 6.5 inches long. Pen shown in tray not included.

S1030  $20

Clear pressed glass pen tray, ca. 1940’s. Deep and crisp starburst pattern on the bottom, all four sides are ribbed. Measures 7.25 x 3.5 inches. Perfect condition and a beautiful addition to your desk to hold 3-4 of your favorite pens comfortable, you could squeeze a few more skinny pens in you wish. Pens shown in photos not included. Several available at time of listing. Pens shown in photo not included.  


S1032  $40

Neiman Marcus pen tray and letter opener set. Painted white porcelain. Fall motif of pears, apples and other greenery and flowers on a black background, gold tooling around the design on pen tray. Marked Neiman Marcus Japan on the bottom. Pen tray measures 5 x 2.5 inches. Brass letter opener has two matching porcelain panels on the handle. Marked Japan on letter opener blade. Letter Opener is 7.75 inches long.  No chips or nicks, this elegant set is in excellent condition. 

S1033  $75

Custom Made Pen Wrap, Pendemonium Exclusive. Many years ago in 2005, Barb Carpentier made a special edition pen wrap for us. 12 soft black felt pen holders on the inside hold pens up to 6 inches long and ¾ inch diameter – makes a great home for your oversized fountain pens. Fold the top flap down over your pens for added protection. Roll it up, wrap the strap around through the the buckle and secure it with velcro. The outside fabric is taupe with an elegant black script pattern. One of our customers put this in the Dallas Pen Show Auction this year and we were more than pleased to put in the winning bid and be able to offer it up for sale. Shows no signs of use and is in at least near mint condition. (1 avail)


S1035  $25

Cigar Box Pen Storage - Padron Delicias, Dark Green velour pen liner holds 13 pens up to 5.25 inches long.  Hinged lid.  Box measures 9.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 inches in height.  (1 avail) 


S1036  $30

Cigar Box Pen Storage - Padron 2000, Burgundy velour liner holds 9 pens up to 9.75 inches long which could include desk pens and dip pens.  OR more 18 pens 5 inches or less.  Hinged lid.  Box measures 10 3/8 x 5.75 x 1.75 inches in height.  (2 avail) 

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