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Updated April 23, 2017

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Every pen deserves a good home! After all, you can only use three or four at one time! We offer a nice selection of pen cases, cabinets and other doo-dads, both old and new, as well as an ever changing selection of vintage pen trays, pen stands and other unusual desk top holders for your pens.

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Classic Sheaffer Legacy Pen Cases

Sheaffer had these elegant cases made in France to go with their Legacy Pens. Each is marked Made in France. They smell like leather, but are not marked leather. Pebbled finish. The snap closure clasps are small gold plated replicas of Sheaffer's famous inlaid nibs. These are new old stock, each is in perfect condition and has never been used. At the time of listing these we had several of each style available.

SH3359 $60

Sheaffer Hard Pen Case, Black with Sheaffer's Inlaid Nib clasp. The double pen case two stitched loops inside to hold two pens up to Legacy/Heritage style size.

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Jumbo Pen Frogs

Jumbo Pen Frog
PLEASE NOTE: Pens are NOT included!

This extra large clear glass pen frog has deep holes and is exceptionally heavy. 13 holes are each about 5/8 inch diameter and 1.25-1.5 inches deep. Outside diameter is 4 7/8 inches, overall height is 1 5/8 inches. No nicks or rough spots to harm your pens.

JMB-FROG Jumbo Glass Pen Frog $30

(Sorry, temporarily out of stock)

Small Pen Frog

PLEASE NOTE: Pens are NOT included!

Clear pressed glass pen frog holds 10 pens or pencils. Measures about 3 inches diameter and is 1.25 inches tall.

SMFROG Small Glass Pen Frog - 10 Holes $15


Vintage Items to Hold Your Pens

S707 $50

Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s, clear pressed glass base with pressed dot pattern in base. Holds up to 18 dip pens in it's springy center spring. Sometimes people refer to these as note or memo holders, but they are catalogued as Dip Pen Holders. 4.25 x 2 inches, height to top of spring is 2 1/8 inches. This pressed glass base is in very good condition. The spring, as you can see in the photo, is still springy but not as level as it was when made about 100 years ago. Heavy base keeps this dip pen holder well balanced.

S804 $65

Paragon Dip Pen Holder - ca. late teens - early 1920s, clear pressed glass, spiral wire dip pen holder with pen grooves on each side to hold two more pens. Heavy base keeps this dip pen holder well balanced. Base measures 3 x 4.25 inches and height is 2.5 inches. Embossed on base: Paragon Pat. Aug 20, 18. Very good condition, no chips or nicks to the glass and the wire is still nice and springy to hold your pens. Sometimes people refer to these as note or memo holders, but they are catalogued as Dip Pen Holders. Dip pen shown in photo is not included.

S806 $30

Large Wood Pen Rest - Perfect for fountain pens, mechanical pencils, dip pens and glass pens, too. Solid oak pen rests are finished in golden oak. Measures 12 x 5.25 inches. Four long grooves hold up to 8 fountain pens. Each pen groove is 11.5 inches long. Felt dot on each base corner to protect your desk. Deep grooves safely keep fountain pens, pencils and dip pens in place. Angled short edges. Custom made by Frank! Pen shown in photo is not included. Several available.

S808 $15

Pressed Glass Pen Tray - Vintage clear glass with pressed glass kernel pattern in the bottom and sides. All proper households would use these to serve their corn on the cob, but we put pens and dip pens in these - they are the perfect size and shape! Tray measures 8.25 inches long and is 2.5 inches wide. I like the deep sides which mean pens cannot escape! Excellent condition. Dip Pen Shown in Photo not Included. (several available at time of listing)

S824 $20

Clear Pressed and Etched Pen Tray, 10 x 4.75 inches. Awesome pressed and etched starburst in the base with etched framed flourishes all around the edge) Writing instruments shown in photo are not included. Excellent condition.

S826 $15

Clear Pressed Glass Pen Tray, 8.5 x 4 inches. Curved edge, pressed star patterns on base and sides. Just waiting to hold the “star” pens in your collection! Writing instruments shown in photo are not included. Excellent condition.

S844 $20

Antique Glass Pen Tray - Large, clear glass pen tray has cut circle and teardrop shaped pattern on the sides. This elegant tray will hold your largest fountain pens and longest dip pens and there is room to keep an average sized ink bottle, too! Space available for pens is 3 x 10.5 inches, overall size including the stepped handles at each end is 4 x 13 inches. One very small rough spot on one corner, otherwise in excellent condition. Pens shown in photo not included.


S864  $50

Pen Cabinet Treasure Chest - Holds up to 16 Pens Vintage treasure chest with beautiful carved lid, carved front and carved raised feet.  Look closed at the carving on the feet and the front side - it really is reminiscent of pen nibs!  Two brass handles on each end of this pen treasure chest. Hinged lid had a latch that you could add a small lock to.  Inside of the lid is a an old mirror which is showing some silvering in the center, White floral vine pattern borders the mirror.  Lower section of box is lined with black pen slots and will hold 8 pens up to 10 inches long, meaning there is potential for up to 16 pens depending on length.  Overall size is 10 5/8 x 6 1/8 inches, height is 4.5 inches.  There is a very large indicia in the center of the carved lid where a picture is sometimes attached, you could add a pen logo or a photo of your pens if desired. Very good condition. Pens shown in photo not included.

S872  $15

Hobnail Pen Tray - Clear glass pen tray has a pressed hobnail pattern on the exterior of the bottom of the tray, the interior where your pen will rest is smooth.  There is decorative gold plating on the two handles at each end and just a hint of the plating on the rim. Outside measurements are 8.25 x 3 7/8 inches.  Holds pens up to 5.75 inches long.  Some of the gold plating is starting to wear on the high points, otherwise very good condition. Pen shown in in photo is not included. Several available at time of listing)

S873  $15

Swirl Pen Tray - Clear glass pen tray with elegant swirled pattern pressed in the glass.  Long tray measures 9 7/8 x 3 1/8 inches.  The longer length means that in addition to fountain pens, this tray will also accommodate dip pens as well.   Excellent condition.  Pen shown in in photo is not included.  Several available at time of listing. 

S888  $15

Star Swirl Clear Pressed Glass Pen Tray - Large stat in center of tray with swirls radiating out to the edges of the tray.  Measures 7 1/8 x 4 inches, a nice size for your desk to hold 4 or 5 of your favorite pens or pencils.  Very good condition. 

S895  $10

Single Pen Holder – Black pottery squarish block holds one pen up to a half inch diameter.  Black finish and sort of an artsy finish in black with some grey mixed in.  Measures 2.25 x 2.5 at base and is 1 5/8 inches in height.  Small footprint takes up minimal desk space. Very good condition.  

S902  $50

Parker Duofold Pinstripe Pen Box (NO Pen!), this is an exquisite box holding a pull out drawer with a reversible soft insert – you can use it as shown in the photo for one pen up to 5.5 inches long or flip it over, the reverse side has recessed areas for four pens up to 5.5 inches long.  Solid wood box with black lacque edges, all exterior surfaces have a high sheen.  Modern looking chrome handle to pull out the drawer.  Measures 7 x 7 inches, height is  2 1/8 inches.  One small surface crack at top right in the black finish, otherwise in excellent condition.  A very elegant box to use for storing one OR four special pens.  


S903  $20

Vitrified China Pen Tray is perfect for holding several writing instruments on your desk.  Made by the Sterling China Co in East Liverpool, Ohio.  Heavy white tray with an elegant border design in dark brown.  Measures 9 5/8 x 4.5 inches.  Sterling was well known for making custom dinner and restaurant ware from the early 1900s until their closing in 2006.  I’d estimate the age of this piece to the 1940s.  One of the nicer pieces of china we’ve found and perfect to re-purpose as a pen tray.  Several available at time of listing.  

S911  $20

Pen Stand was a Pipe Rack in it’s first life!  Half Moon shaped single pedestal pen rack holds 3 pens a minimum of 4.5 inches long. Base measures 7.25 x 3 5/8 inches at widest points, height is 4 5/8 inches.  Solid walnut.  There are some very light marks on right corner of the top tier.  Otherwise very good condition.  Small footprint is just perfect for your 3 favorite pens.   Pens shown in photo not included. 

S912 $20

Pen Stand was a Pipe Rack in it’s first life!  Single pedestal pen stand in solid walnut holds four pens a minimum of 4 3/8 inches long.  Base measures 6 5/8 x 2 7/8 inches.  Height is 4.5 inches. Solid walnut.  Smaller sized pen rack doesn’t take much space on your desk.   Excellent condition. Pens shown in photo not included.  

S918  $35

Soennecken Red Leather Zipper Pen Case, holds two pens, Marked inside in metallic gold: Soennecken (logo) 352.  Measures 5 5/8 in long x 1.75 in wide. Brass zipper on three sides. Two red leather straps hold your pens up to 5 inches long inside. You can tell where pens were once kept inside from the slight depressions, leather is pebbled and very nice. Overall very good condition. A nice vintage home for your Soenneckens or other pens of similar size.

S923 $70

Bradley and Hubbard Pen Tray and Letter Opener Set, ca. early 1930s, Meridien, Connecticut, USA. Art Deco raised line and dot pattern. Oval brass pen tray measures 8 7/8 x 2.75 inches at widest points. Letter opener measures 8 inches long. Both pieces are stamped with the Bradley & Hubbard triangle mark on the bottom: Bradley and Hubbard Mfg Co. B&H did some fabulous art metal finishes over the years and sadly, many have been polished away over the years by aggressive collectors! These two pieces still maintain most of the matte finish with the slightly polished raised dot and line pattern. We have not polished any further to preserve it. Very good condition.

S925  $20

Clear Pressed Glass Pen Tray, small starburst in center surrounded by pressed circles.  Columns on outer edges.  Measures 8.25 x 4.5 inches.  Pens shown in photo not included.   Excellent condition. 

S926  $50

Three Pen Trays in a lovely chrome plated stand.  I know some of you reading have many, many pens – this three pen tray would hold many pens in grand style on your writing desk.  Clear pressed glass trays feature a beautiful starburst in the bottom, edges have pressed columns.  Each tray measures 7 3/8 x 3 5/8 inches.   The tray measures 14 x 7.5 inches.  Height is 2 inches.  Excellent condition. Very elegant and such a great re-purpose for holding pens.  

S928  $25

Pen Storage Chest – Holds up to 6 Pens Cedar box  has been re-finished with a soft green finish with hints of brown.  Applied to the top are three delightful ladies in old fashioned hats.   Lid lifts to reveal original soft green ribbed velour lining. Grey velour slotter tray inside holds 6 pens up to 8.25 inches long.  Overall measurements are 9 x 5 x 3.5 inches in height. Excellent condition. Pens shown in photo not included.

S945 $15

Double Pen Tray Holder, solid wood is stained in a nice medium oak finish. Two dished sections can hold several pens up to 12 inches long, this would be perfect for larger pens or even dip pen would fit very nicely. Measures 12 x 6 inches. Very good condition. Pens shown in photo not included.

S959 $35

Pen Storage Box, re-purposed memory box with clear lid holds up to 9 pens..  Solid very dark wood finish.  Clear glass lid.  There is also a frame back that will fit into the underside of the glass, so you could add a photo or drawing or even some of your penmanship examples if you with.  Inside of box lined in black, fit with light grey velour slotter tray and holds 9 pens up to 8.25 inches long. There are a few marks to the finish in one corner, otherwise very good condition. Pens shown in photo not included.

S963 $50

ca. 1900 Portable Writing Desk. This nice old portable writing desk had to have some modifications since it is missing the writing slope inside. We left the botanical themed gold and ivory wallpaper inside the lid. It appears to have been there for quite some time. The lower section has a longer section across the front for your pens, there is a clear glass inkwell with brass screw on lid in the small comapartment at the front. I think there would have been a wood cover and writing slope that fit over the larger back section for stationery. The cover slope is missing. We have fit with a burgundy velour covered slotter tray where additional pens could be held or you could still add stationery to this section. There is a keyhole lock on the front, no key. Double hinges at the rear.  There is a lock at the front, but no key and after a little fiddling around, it seems the lock is not working. Very dark wood finish and I can only assume that the even darker section on the lid at left center front edge may have resulted from spilt ink.  Exterior dimensions:  8 x 11.25 x 3.5 inches. The prize, of course is the inkwell which is very hard to find today.  In spite of the missing writing slope, still a very functional piece to use on your desk and keep your daily writing supplies, the velour slotter provides some extra storage for your favorite fountain or dip pens. We've priced it for just a bit more than the price of  the inkwell alone.  




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