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Updated September 30, 2019

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Vintage Waterman Pens And Pencils

WA214  $75

Waterman Desk Set, ca. 1960s, black porcelain circular base with bright chrome straight fixed pen holder. Measures about 5 inches diameter. Printed on the rear bottom edge of the base in large silver letters: Waterman’s. We have been unable to turn up any information on this rather sleek looking desk set base. Our best guess is that it would have held a slim Waterman ballpoint desk pen, but we also have not been able to locate information on a Waterman pen that would have been suitable for this base. In the meantime, we dropped in a slim black Sheaffer ballpoint desk style pen which fits just right! Very unusual and the large Waterman’s imprint on the back is an eye catcher. Very good condition. 


WA234  $350

Waterman 94 Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1930s, USA, Mahogany celluloid, deep reddish brown with cream veining, Lever fill – fills only from a bottle.  Gold filled cap band and clip, the lever box and lever is white metal.  Solid 14KT gold nib is marked:  Waterman Ideal Reg. US Pat Off 4 Made in USA.  Slightly flexible medium point.  Barrel is marked:  Wateraman’s Reg US Pat Off <Ideal Globe Logo> Made in USA Fountain Pen. Measures 5 inches long.  Cap opening is 3/8 inch diameter.  Excellent condition. 

WA235  $225

Waterman No. 52 Fountain Pen, ca. 1920s, USA. Black Chased Hard Rubber cap and barrel,  nickel lever with globe at end, lever fill – fills only from a bottle.   Crisp Waterman barrel imprint:  Waterman’s Reg US Pat Off (globe in center) Fountain Pen.  Hard rubber is deep black with crisp chasing as it would have been originally.  52 engraved on barrel end. Solid 14KT gold nib is marked Waterman’s Ideal New York  Flexible fine to broad point.   Measures 5 3/8 inches long.  White metal riveted clip is marked: Pat’d April 19, ’19, Sept 25, ‘05.  Ideal Globe logo, Clip-Cap. Includes correct style Waterman cardboard box, but it is not original to the pen. Excellent condition.

WA236  $375

Waterman Liasion Fountain Pen, ca. early 2000s, France, Red and black ebonite, Large curved semi-circular nib is solid 18KT/750 gold, firm medium point.  Twist barrel end to remove nib unit and Waterman converter.  Heavy gold electroplated distinctive cap band, traditional Waterman clip and barrel end trim. This large girth fountain pen measures 5 5/8 inches long. Used, but not abused and in excellent condition.  



WA212 $60

Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen, ca. early 2000s, France, black cap and barrel with gold electroplated trim. Cartridge converter fill - Waterman converter included, Waterman cartridges sold separately. Large Waterman gold electroplated two tone nib is a firm and very generous medium point. Measures 5 3/8 inches long. Excellent condition. 


Waterman Memorabilia

P-825 Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph $5

Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph - Waterman Crusader Black Fountain Pen with gold cap. This photo looks like it may have been taken for someone’s catalogue layout, but I don now know who took the photo or when they were taken! Very high quality photography. Perfect condition. Just waiting for you to frame it and put with your Waterman memorabilia!

P-826 Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph $5

Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph - Waterman Ink Vue Silver Ray Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. This photo looks like it may have been taken for someone’s catalogue layout, but I don now know who took the photo or when they were taken! Very high quality photography. Perfect condition. Just waiting for you to frame it and put with your Waterman memorabilia!

P-827Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph $5

Waterman 8x10 Color Photograph - Waterman Patrician Turquoise Fountain Pen and Pencil on book pages from Julius Caesar. This photo looks like it may have been taken for someone’s catalogue layout, but I don now know who took the photo or when they were taken! Very high quality photography. Perfect condition. Just waiting for you to frame it and put with your Waterman memorabilia!

B1658 Waterman 1923 Advertising Calendar Blotter $25

Waterman 1923 Advertising Calendar Blotter is printed in blue and black on white blotting paper. Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen and Globe logo printed in the center. Imprinted for Thiele Prescription Druggist in Alliance, Nebraska. Measures 3.5 x 6 inches. Never used, no ink blots on the back and in excellent condition. As it says, Useful Every Day In The Year.

WA222 Waterman's Autograph Album, 1932 $125

Waterman’s Autograph Album, 1932. Back in 1932, Waterman was most likely looking for ways to stir up some additional business and offered up a contest to fill a special hardcover bound book with autographs of famous people. There would be 333 awards; 133 cash prizes, 100 Waterman Fountain Pens (Lady Patricia for girls and No. 94 for boys) and 100 Waterman Mechanical Pencils. Pretty heady stuff in 1932! Florence White in Canaan, Maine acquired one of the the Autograph Albums. Instead of collecting autographs of famous people, Miss White used her autograph to copy essays and record a few other notes about Freshman Year Intertainment. (Yes, that is correct – NOT entertainment, but intertainment! Most of her writings were done with a fountain pen in a sepia colored ink, but she also did some writing with a pencil. This hardbound Waterman’s Autograph Album is bound in a dark brown cloth, measures 7.25 x 5 inches. The pages are lightly yellowed. Overall it is in excellent condition. Unfortunately no autographs, but still a rare item.


P1007 Waterman Ephemera $100

A nice assortment of early Waterman ephemera. Selling as one group, not individually.   All 7 pieces of Waterman ephemera for $100   

Includes the following items:

  1. Waterman Advertisement from Every Week Magazine dated May 25, 1918,  Measures 9.75 x 14 inches.  Brown, Sepia and Red print on ivory paper.  Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen with illustrations of Signal Corpsmen, Signal Flags Flying from Waterman Pens.  At the bottom of the advert is:  “Send us a message from over there”.  Shows edge wear, but overall considering it is over 100 years old, pretty darned good condition!
  2. Waterman Repair Parts Dealer Brochure, August 1941. Two sided brochure is printed in black on ivory card stock.  Includes parts listings for Standard Pens, 100 Year Pens, Older Pens, Desk Pens and Sets and Pencils.  The back page is all listings for Waterman’s 14-KT gold points.  Printed in USA.  Effective Date August 1, 1941.  Folded in half to 4.25 x 5.5 inches.  Light aging.
  3. Directions and Suggestions for use of Self-Filling Type Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen.  Four 2-sided sheets, center pages 3 and 4 are missing.  Illustrated instructions for filling Regular (eyedropper) and Pocket (lever) Pens, Waterman’s Pencils and Ink.  Illustrated and info on why good ink is important.  Waterman addresses listed:  191 Broadway USA, also Montreal, London & Paris.  All very readable, but well worn.
  4. Booklet – Waterman’s Ideal Ink for Fountain Pen & General Use.  January 1st, 1924.  Light blue cover, 16 pages, staple bound, contains much info about “Good Ink”.  Six high quality black and white photos showing the 1924 in line up, up to gallon size.  Three pages of boxing and weight requirements.  Wholesale discounts on last page.  Waterman addresses listed:  191 Broadway New York.  FOB Points:  NY, Newark, Chicago and SF. Very good condition.
  5. Booklet titled:  What You Should Know about Selling Pens.  Black, White and Yellow cover.  16 pages.  Brochure content is directed toward Waterman sales people – it covers all the details needed to make a sale.  Waterman addresses listed:  344 Hudson St NY 13 NY, Sales Dept 55 Broadway NY 6 NY and Offices in Boston, Chicago, SF and Montreal.  V-mail is mentioned, I’d date to late 1940s. Very good condition.
  6. Printed Card:  Summary of Federal Retailers’ Jewelry Tax As Applied to Waterman’s Pens, Pencils and Desk Sets.  One example is:  100 Year Pens were taxed at 10%, but most hard rubber pens were not taxed.  More categories in the listings. Very Good Condition.
  7. Bookmark size enclosure with Waterman No. 0185-1/2V fountain pen, bright orange background.  Waterman Offices in:  NY, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, SF, London & Paris.  Taped in center.

Refilling your Vintage Mechanical Pencils

Most mechanical pencils made before the late 1960s and some even after that are refilled by feeding lead in from the Point End. Those that feed from the barrel (below the eraser) are a fairly modern invention! Don't be fooled by leads in the barrel, in older pencils, that was simply a space to store a few extra leads, but that's it - just storage. As always with vintage writing instruments, exceptions will crop up!

The instruction to the left are from a Sheaffer package insert, but apply to most older mechanical pencils.

We carry a variety of pencil leads - click here.

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